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July 02, 2015

Edenred acquires an equity interest in Finsquare

Edenred, the Aviva France and Virtual Network SA groups acquire a €1.5 million stake in Finsquare.

The first P2B crowdfunding platform for short-term loans, Finsquare has affirmed its ambition of becoming the leader on the French business lending market. 

To sustain its growth, only six months after it was launched, Finsquare decided to launch a fundraising campaign with the support of Edenred by way of Edenred Capital Partners, the group's alternative investments department

This fundraising will allow to expand its business aimed at very small businesses, SMEs and private individuals, consolidate its teams and develop its credit scoring* technologies. 
This investment is consistent with Edenred's development strategy on the market of small businesses and SMEs.

* Credit scoring consists in assessing credit risk through a statistical score.

Edenred Capital Partners, the Corporate Venture Capital investment arm of Edenred group

The mission of Edenred Capital Partners is to manage and advise Edenred’s direct minority investments, usually alongside other investment funds. The structure targets start-ups with high growth potential offering an innovative product or service related to Edenred's core business.

To date, €7 million have been invested by the Group.

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