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April 02, 2014

Eden for all: Edenred's employees rally to support local communities

On December 10th, Edenred mobilized its employees for the 4th edition of International Solidarity Day.

For the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, celebrated on December 10th every year, Edenred organized an international solidarity day called "Eden for all" for the 4th year consecutively.
Employees were invited to carry out actions to support local associations.

With the motto ‘We care, we share,’ Eden for all demonstrates the Group's international solidarity as a civic-minded company.

Solidarity actions undertaken all around the world

Nearly 4,000 employees from 31 subsidiaries took part in the 2013 edition by taking several socially-oriented initiatives such as:

  • monetary donations and fund-raising through Edenred solutions such as Ticket Restaurant®
  • food, toy and clothing collections
  • sale of cakes
  • drawing competition
  • organization of charity sales
  • organization of Christmas trees for hospitalized and underprivileged children
  • visits to retirement homes
  • dancing lessons with disabled people

Enjoying long-standing relationships with local associations, some subsidiaries chose to work with their current partners. In India, for example, Edenred supported "SOS Children’s village" through a drawing competition that had been organized yearly for the last 3 years.
Other subsidiaries preferred to meet the temporary needs of communities in this festive period. In the United Kingdom, the teams made gift baskets intended for the many elderly people living near the offices.

"Eden for all" is part of the Ideal care Corporate social responsibility approach in favor of local communities implemented by Edenred all year long. In 2013, no fewer than 330 local associations were supported by the Group's employees and over €805,000 in donations were collected for community projects. The 4th edition of International Solidarity Day helped nearly 40 associations and raised over €20,000 in donations.

By 2016, Edenred wants to get all of its subsidiaries involved in long-term local partnerships to support populations in difficulty.

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