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June 25, 2015

Dynamic human services sector in France

With 1.4 million professionals in France, the human services sector is currently flourishing. This is an opportunity for Edenred's French subsidiary to develop its expertise in this area.

For several years, the home services sector has benefited from dynamic growth in Europe and particularly in France, thanks to a steady rise in demand. Indeed, it is developing in order to meet economic and social needs related to the rising number of women in the workplace, the increase in employee mobility, and the quest for a better work-life balance.

States are fostering the formalization and development of this job-creating sector, by offering tax incentives for both private individuals and companies. Because they are easy to use, service vouchers are popular among all involved parties.

The development of the human services sector is an opportunity for Edenred France, the market leader for service vouchers since 1996 (Ticket Emploi Domicile).
Its CESU voucher (prepaid HR CESU*) currently enables employees to finance human services.

*The prepaid HR CESU is aimed at employees of companies and local authorities, while CESU Social is used by departmental councils to distribute social benefits.

Childcare, number 1 in human services and a major concern for parents

In France, 70% of service vouchers are used to pay for childcare during the workday of parents, for whom childcare arrangements are a major concern. Companies appreciate this solution, which has a direct impact on the availability, commitment and motivation of parents who work.

Some figures regarding the childcare market in France*:

  • 2.5 million children under the age of 3 years in France, only 10% of whom have a place in a daycare center.
  • 7% of mothers forced to work part-time because they have no childcare arrangements for their child or these are too expensive.

*Source: Report prepared in 2014 by the French National Observatory for Early Childhood and white paper on parenting written by Filapi in 2012.

Edenred France and Babilou are teaming up to develop parenting in companies

In this context, Edenred France and Babilou (the French leader on the corporate childcare market) have decided to team up to contribute to the development of parenting policies in companies, with "Ticket CESU Enfance." 
Marketed in June 2015, this new solution guarantees a place in one of the 850 partner daycare centers in Babilou's 1001 Crèches network for salaried parents, who benefit from financial support thanks to Ticket CESU.

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