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May 04, 2016

Annual shareholders' Meeting of May 4, 2016

Edenred's Annual General Meeting was held in Paris today, chaired by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bertrand Dumazy, and was attended by close to 250 shareholders.

During the meeting, Bertrand Dumazy presented Edenred's main achievements in 2015, which saw the Group post solid operating and financial performances. He also discussed the strategic acquisitions carried out during the year as part of an investment strategy designed to generate sustainable, profitable growth for the Group. 

In addition, Patrick Bataillard, Executive Vice-President, Finance, reviewed the Group's 2015 financial results and Jeanne Renard, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, presented Edenred's HR commitments and the CSR initiatives undertaken by the Group in 2015.

With a quorum of 80.43%, all of the resolutions submitted by the Board of Directors were adopted, including the payment of a 2015 dividend of €0.84 per share, with the option of reinvesting 50% of the amount in new shares.

The dividend will be payable from June 15, 2016, with an ex-dividend date of May 12, 2016. The reinvestment option must be exercised between May 12 and the close of business on June 3, 2016. Any shareholder who has not opted to reinvest by the close of this period will receive the entire dividend in cash.

Also during the Meeting, shareholders ratified the cooption of Bertrand Dumazy and Sylvia Coutinho as members of the Board of Directors and renewed the directorships of Jean-Paul Bailly, Bertrand Méheut and Nadra Moussalem for a period of four years. As a result, the Board of Directors now comprises 11 members, 73% of whom are independent. The proportion of women on the Board has increased and now stands at 36%.


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