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September 14, 2020

Agri Edenred, a fully digital payment solution to support farmers’ development in Niger

Edenred’s payment solutions allow half a million farmers in Africa to increase their yields and reap the benefits of digitalized agriculture.
In Niger, for example, the Agri Edenred program guarantees farmers easy, traceable access to the fertilizers they need to develop their activities.

Access to inputs, the backbone of farming

In Africa, the vast majority of farmers depend on subsistence farming. However, their work is heavily impacted by the lack of access to certain agricultural inputs, such as seeds and fertilizers, which can increase the yields of food and cash crops. To tackle this problem, the public authorities are introducing programs to subsidize agricultural inputs, giving farmers access to quality supplies at more competitive prices and thereby ensuring food security, even in rural areas.

Logo Agri EdenredEdenred has been the partner of choice for ministries of agriculture, aid agencies and NGOs in implementing these incentive programs since 2003 thanks to its specific-purpose payment solutions, where the amount, destination and use of funds are predetermined and can be verified from start to finish. Available notably via digital mobile or web platforms, Agri Edenred solutions all ensure that resources are allocated transparently, subsidies are traceable and programs are better managed on a day-to-day basis.


A promising new program in Niger

Edenred’s business in Africa entered a new phase in its development in 2019 following the launch of the Fertilizer Sector Reform Support Project in Niger (PARSEN), financed by US aid agency Millennium Challenge Corporation and implemented by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC).

Through this program, 8,000 farmers in the three pilot regions in western Niger can purchase fertilizer at subsidized prices using an Agri Edenred personal payment card, allowing them to increase their yields and raise their standard of living.

Today, Edenred’s presence in Niger is helping to create a fair, transparent and smart payment ecosystem, improving the day-to-day food security of thousands of farmers in the process.


A renewed presence in Africa


Agri Edenred in Africa


Niger is the fifth country in which Edenred is deploying its Agri Edenred solution, after South Sudan, Mali, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi. Some 300,000 farmers benefit from the program each year in Burundi alone, where Edenred has been active since 2012. According to IFDC’s assessment, farmers in the country increase their income by an average of 18% in the first year.


Agri Edenred in Burundi


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Daniel Ibrahim
Director for Africa


Edenred's Public Social Programs

Nathalie Renaudin 
Public Affairs Director

Nolwenn Bertrand 
Public Program Manager


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