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June 29, 2010

Accor Services becomes Edenred

As part of the proposed demerger of Accor’s Hotels and Prepaid Services businesses, Accor Services has changed its name to Edenred.

Operating in 40 countries, Edenred is the world leader in prepaid service vouchers with Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Alimentation, Ticket CESU, Childcare Vouchers, Ticket Car, Ticket Clean Way, Ticket Compliments, Kadeos, etc. By delivering employee and public benefits or solutions that improve the performance of organizations, Edenred’s products make everyone’s life easier in a myriad of ways. 

Every day, 33 million people use Edenred’s solutions. Nearly 500,000 private and public sector customers benefit from its sense of innovation and 1.2 million service providers have joined the affiliates network. In 2009, the Company generated total issue volume of €12.4 billion.
“Backed by our 50 years of expertise in prepaid services, this new identity will enable us to assert our position as a committed, pioneering, global leader,” said Jacques Stern, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Accor, in charge of the Services business. “Edenred is focusing on innovation to drive growth and delivering solutions worldwide that create bonds among people.”

A Meaningful Brand

“Edenred” expresses a powerful commitment to growth, as embodied in the company’s Eden corporate project. “Eden” comes from the initials of the project’s French slogan “Entreprendre Différemment Ensemble” (Moving Forward Differently Together). Introduced in January 2010 and deployed by the Company’s 6,000 employees, the project is underpinned by five core values: entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, performance, simplicity and sharing. “Eden” also means “paradise” in eight languages, reflecting the sense of well-being that Edenred’s solutions instill in individuals and organizations. “Red” refers to the red ball that identifies the products successfully developed by the Company for nearly 50 years. It also means “network” in Spanish, signifying the ties that bind private and public sector customers, employees, citizens, affiliates and government authorities.  

The corporate brand’s new logo is comprised of different components that give it a distinctive identity: 

  • the red ball, symbolizing the different products and services; 
  • the name’s initial letter to create a sense of community; 
  • a sphere, denoting the company’s global presence; 
  • and a square, whose contemporary styling and shape recall today’s social networks. 

Because Edenred’s products enable users to have lunch, buy gifts, pay for childcare services, manage business expenses or take a vacation, the new brand has chosen a baseline that puts the emphasis on day-to-day well-being and simplicity: “For an easier life”. “The Edenred brand is people-focused, friendly, optimistic and innovative” added Eliane Rouyer-Chevalier, Edenred’s Executive Vice President, Corporate and Financial Communications. “It will project our image and build awareness of the Company in all of our current and future host countries.

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