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June 14, 2018

8,000 Edenred employees will take part in Idealday - a world day dedicated to solidarity

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, Edenred employees will commit themselves to local communities as part of Idealday - a day of solidarity action organized by the Group across the 45 countries where it operates.

As well as contributing to the well-being in the workplace through its solutions for more than 50 years, Edenred takes an active approach to corporate social responsibility. As part of this undertaking, the Group organizes a day during which its employees, clients and partners share a moment of solidarity, known as Idealday. On Thursday, June 21, 2018, the Group's employees will dedicate their work time to supporting local communities.


Each to their own "Ideal" day

In 2018, there will be 46 solidarity or environmental initiatives taking place around the world. Edenred Chile employees will build a sustainable garden in a center for disadvantaged children. In France, employees will encourage Parisian merchants to specify the accessibility of their restaurant or food service outlet in the Jaccede app, which allows disabled people to identify places that meet their needs. Edenred will support too 3 non-profit organizations: Le Carillon, Rebelle and Sport dans la Ville. By cooking jam with unsold fruits and vegetables, employees will contribute to fight food waste. They will also sensitize young girls during “L dans la Ville” day by distributing these jam jars among other actions to support integration and education. Other employees will raise awareness to local merchants about Le Carillon’s project that helps homeless people. Edenred Lebanon employees, assisted by merchants and corporate clients, will serve meals and collect clothes for homeless people and refugees. In Mexico, Edenred will organize a sustainable festival bringing together 500 employees, nonprofit organizations and the general public. The festival will take place in a bioreserve and be centered around environmental activities. Edenred Taiwan will invite its employees, merchant partners and corporate clients to plant trees.


Retrospective pictures of Idealday 2017


"I am proud of the employees who are taking part in Idealday; they uphold the Group's commitment to local communities. Success is only sustainable if it is shared for the benefit of all. This idea is embodied both in our solutions, which create a bond and unite the interests of everyone in the working world, and in our approach to corporate social responsibility", states Jacques Adoue, Edenred's Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Follow all the local community initiatives led by Edenred employees on June 21, 2018 on the @Edenred Twitter account and via the hashtags #Idealday and #Edenredconnects

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