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September 20, 2016

5 reasons why you should hire a millennial

A specialist in well-being at work, Edenred has polled more than 3,500 employees aged below 30 in 15 different countries in collaboration with Ipsos. Below are the findings!
*Millennials are individuals born after 1986, i.e. presently aged less than 30.

They are more motivated and more enthusiastic than their elders

Across all the criteria covered by the Barometer concerning life at work, millennials’ satisfaction exceeds that of their elders: interesting job (+ 6 points), enjoy coming to work in the morning (+ 4 points), balance between work and private life (+ 4 points), consider that they work in a stimulating environment (+ 7 points). 26% of them claim that their motivation at work is increasing, i.e. 11 points higher than for employees aged over 30.

They are a generation that is hyperconnected to technologies … and to their company

Hyperconnected to technology, an employee below the age of 30 will also be hyperconnected to his or her work environment, and will want to work as part of a team. According to the Barometer, millennials feel that they are working in a trusting and supportive environment. 39% can count on their colleagues to support them (versus 28% for over-30s), and 35% feel respected by their management (versus 28%).

They have clear expectations of their employer

Unlike their elders, millennials’ priorities focus on the individual and his or her professional development. When asked about their ideal company, they primarily want it to acknowledge their commitment and allow them to develop. In fact, rewarding effort ranks first (recognition of effort is the top expectation for 57% of millennials versus 62% for employees over 30), followed by development opportunities (38% and 34% respectively). Working conditions are considered half as important as recognition of effort; the desire for a less hierarchical organization comes in last place.

They are more appreciative of their superiors

Contrary to popular preconceptions, the under-30s have a stronger feeling of being respected by their managers. 35% feel respected by their management, versus 28% for over-30s. What are they mainly looking for in a manager? Frankness is the most sought-after quality for 62%, followed by fairness (61%) ahead of ability to keep commitments (59%).

They believe in the future of their company

Even in today’s difficult economic climate, employees aged under 30 are more positive about the future of their company than all other employees. 26% are completely confident, versus 18% for the over-30s. Millennials also feel that they are better managed since they are respected by their management, and consider that their management is attentive to their skills and training (31% versus 21% for their elders).​



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