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May 11, 2021

2021 publications: Edenred smarter, closer and stronger than ever

In its 100% digital Integrated Report, the Edenred Group looks back on a 2020-2021 year during which it strengthened ties with its ecosystem as an everyday companion through the challenges of the health crisis.In the Essential, the Group presents itself in an educational way in 8 key points.
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2020-2021 Integrated Report: Edenred closes ranks with its ecosystem


In its 4th Integrated Report, the Edenred Group illustrates through a 100% digital experience how, more than ever, it acted as the everyday companion for people at work throughout the challenges of 2020-2021.

Smarter in its environment, closer to its stakeholders and stronger thanks to solid fundamentals, Edenred demonstrates more than ever in his 2020-2021 Integrated Report its resilience, its responsible commitment to people at work and ts ability to help reignite the economy.

Discover in this publication:

  • An exclusive interview with Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and CEO of the Edenred Group
  • The presentation of the company purpose, "Enrich connections. For good."
  • The Group's profitable, durable and responsible model for value creation
  • How Edenred consistently supported its ecosystem thanks to solutions in 4 key areas (Eat, Move, Care and Pay)
  • Key Group resources for growth and resilience (employees, technology, governance)

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2021 Essential : eight is enough!

The Essential is designed to get to know and understand Edenred in 8 key points: corporate profile, earmarked payments, key digital solutions, responsible commitments, employer brand – all of Edenred at a glance!

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