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May 15, 2019

2019 publications: discover Edenred like you’ve never seen it before

Edenred has just published its 2019 Integrated Report and Essentiel. These two official publications were unveiled at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting in May 2019. Read them to find out everything about the Group!

Integrated Report: Edenred's sustainable and profitable growth illustrated

In its Integrated Report, that Edenred has published for the second year in succession, the Group illustrates its capacity to anticipate the economic, technological and societal macro-trends that could impact its activities in the medium and long term, and to incorporate them in its business model.

Designed for a broad readership, this publication also features some of Edenred’s recent success stories from the world over. It transparently and informatively sets out how the Group innovates and creates sustainable value for all of its stakeholders: clients, partners, shareholders, employees, as well as society at large.


The document is structured around the four trends that Edenred’s activities support:

  • Contribute to employee well-being 
  • Vitalize the economy and local employment
  • Increase companies’ efficiency
  • Invent the solutions of tomorrow through co-construction

The Integrated Report also compiles the key indicators associated with Edenred's financial and extra-financial performance.

Read the 2019 Integrated Report


2019 Essential: Edenred at a glance 

The Essential provides a concise summary of the year’s essential facts and figures about Edenred. Published for the first time in an original and stylish “ribbon” format, the publication gives an accurate account of what the Group is doing today, and who is doing it: worldwide presence, performance, societal commitments, business lines, etc.

In addition to the hardcopy version, this year an interactive version is also available for optimal viewing on desktop computers and mobiles.

Read the 2019 Essential


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