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March 15, 2017

2016 dividend recommended at the Annual Shareholders meeting on May 4, 2017

Timeline and process

Edenred’s Board of Directors decided on February 22, 2017 to recommend to the Annual Shareholders Meeting of May 4 setting the 2016 dividend at €0.62 per share. Subject to this recommendation being approved at the Meeting, Edenred shareholders will receive: 

  • 50% of the dividend in cash, i.e. €0.31 per share, and 
  • 50% of the dividend in cash or new Edenred common shares, at the shareholder’s option. The new shares will be issued at a price corresponding to 90% of the average of the opening prices  quoted for Edenred shares over the twenty trading days preceding the Annual Shareholders Meeting, i.e. between April 3 and May 3, 2017, less the net dividend, rounded up to the nearest euro cent.


  • Record date:

     - May 11, 2017 for the payment of the dividend subject to option 

     - May 15, 2017 for the payment of the cash dividend

  • Ex-dividend date: May 12, 2017
  • Period for exercising the dividend reinvestment option: from May 12 to the close of business on June 02, 2017. Shareholders that do not exercise their reinvestment option before June 03, 2017 will receive their total dividend in cash.
  • Dividend payment date: June 15, 2017 for both payment methods

Certain legal restrictions may apply to the reinvestment option for non-resident shareholders. Non-residents of France should enquire about the laws and rules applicable in their country of residence.

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