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July 29, 2014

2014 Annual General Meeting Award: Edenred wins the SBF 120 Trophy

After finishing third in 2013, this year Edenred won the 2014 Annual General Meeting Award.

Edenred's fourth annual general meeting, which was held on May 13 in Paris, claimed the top spot in the 2014 SBF120 Trophy, finishing ahead of Air France KLM and Suez Environnement.
Each year, the Capitalcom financial communications agency attribute this prize which rewards the best annual general meetings organized by companies listed on the CAC 40 and the SBF 80.

The jury of the 2014 Annual General Meeting Awards was presided by Philippe Marini, President of the Finance Committee of the French Senate, and Jean-Dominique Senard, President of Governance at Michelin, which won the trophy in 2013.
This year, the 25 members of the jury chose to award the SBF 120 Trophy to Edenred for the quality of the content presented by the members of the Executive Committee:

  • focus on financial indicators that are relevant to Edenred;
  • operational explanations of innovation and the acquisition strategy;
  • conclusions on the 2010-2013 strategic plan that clearly explained the business model;
  • close-up on corporate social responsibility.

The following points also came in for praise:

  • Edenred's commitment to individual shareholders (promotion of the communications system for shareholders, the ambition to develop individual shareholdings, etc.);
  • the coherency and clarity of the communications tools made available to everyone attending the Annual General Meeting (invitations, brochure, reports, etc.).

A fine performance for the Group, just 4 years after it was listed on the Paris stock exchange, that is just reward for all the teams that contributed to the event.

Loïc Jenouvrier, Directeur Général Finances et Juridique et Virginie Monier, Directrice Communication Financière reçoivent le Trophée du SBF 120 le 8 juillet dernier à Paris.

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