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Presented at the Capital Markets Day in October 2019, the Next Frontier strategic plan leverages Edenred’s unparalleled platform model to achieve the Group’s vision: to be the everyday companion for people at work.

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Edenred is a trusted partner to people at work, providing solutions and services that make life easier for employees and increase their purchasing power, improve the efficiency of companies and local authorities, and vitalize the employment market and local economy in 45 countries around the world.

With its unique intermediation platform for specific-purpose services and payments, Edenred operates more than 250 programs designed to improve the user experience for employees, corporate clients and partner merchants in the workplace meals (Eat), employee well-being and incentives (Care), fleet and mobility (Move) and corporate payment (Pay) segments.

Edenred harnesses a virtuous business model underpinned by the uniqueness of its B2B2C platform, combining a low user acquisition cost with high levels of user adoption and retention. Operating exclusively in the world of work and serving specific purposes, the Group is able to screen transactions and earmark funds for selected merchants, who appreciate the extra revenue that Edenred sends their way.


Next Frontier: a strategic plan around three drivers

The platform model, coupled with the shift to digitalized processes and pooled support services, gives rise to significant scale effects, making it possible both to bring new solutions to market and to swiftly, extensively and cost-effectively roll out innovation and thereby generate profitable growth.
Capitalizing on the distinctive features embedded in this platform, Edenred has built its Next Frontier strategic plan around several drivers of sustainable and profitable growth:

Scale, by continuing its pursuit of business excellence and harnessing opportunities in underpenetrated markets, while rolling out solutions in new regions and implementing a targeted M&A policy.


Innovation, a new-generation mobile experience for users through an omni-channel portfolio bringing together all Edenred solutions, developing new services and using cutting-edge technology.


Transformation, by intensifying corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, inspiring a passion for customers in all employees and boosting the commitment of teams while promoting diversity.



A strategy underpinned by strong CSR commitments

Integrated into its strategic plan and measured using a set of ten indicators, Edenred’s CSR program, known as “Ideal”, addresses 12 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is based on three groups of commitments:


People  Edenred aims to improve quality of life for all its stakeholders. Find out more


Planet  Edenred works to protect the environment, in particular by reducing its carbon footprint, its consumption of resources, and its waste. Find out more


Progress  Edenred develops its business ethically across the entire value chain, while protecting the data of all stakeholders. Find out more



Positioned more strongly than ever in 2022

Amid the uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Edenred has proven the strength of its strategic approach, which gives it a number of key advantages as it rises to the challenges of a post-Covid world:

90% of business volume now digital


  • Edenred is strengthening its leadership position in a world that is increasingly connected, mobile and contactless, by developing mobile payment and digital travel planning solutions.



200 partnerships with delivery platforms


  • Edenred is developing innovative solutions in a world where remote working is becoming more widespread, by making mealtimes more flexible and efficient while strengthening social ties between coworkers.




500,000 t of CO2 emissions avoided with the Commuter Benefits solution1


  • Edenred is promoting responsible behavior in a world striving to do better by people and the environment, by making virtuous habits compatible with economic recovery.

1In the US in 2019. Estimate based on data from the US Department of Transportation and the US Environmental Protection Agency.


>900,000 suppliers paid via the CSI platform


  • Edenred is taking corporate payments digital in a world looking for safer, more efficient solutions, by automating payments through the cloud-based platform of Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI), an Edenred subsidiary in the United States.



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