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Socially responsible investment

Edenred’s ambition is to set an example with its financial success, but also with a commitment to corporate social responsibility. 
Performance is evaluated by monitoring 27 indicators.

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Responding to the Group’s growth and changes in its core businesses with a truly outstanding human resources policy


Edenred hopes to attract talented people, increase opportunities for job mobility, step up training initiatives, and meet the expectations of Edenred employees, who are the key drivers of customer satisfaction.

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Involving employees, customers and partners of the Group in all countries in promoting corporate social responsibility

As a socially responsible and committed company, Edenred considers that corporate social responsibility is essential to the heart of its strategy and operations. In this context, Edenred is committed to a continuous progress initiative for implementing responsible principles in the areas of health, the environment, local development and solidarity action.

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Ensuring a responsible, collective approach to corporate governance

Corporate governance is the responsibility of senior management at Edenred, which, through its delegation of powers and selection of committees, ensures that the Group’s ethical commitments are taken into consideration.

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Les indices extra-financiers

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

This index assesses companies in three fields: economic, social and environmental. It measures specific criteria, such as governance, human resources policy, human rights and environmental impact. 
Edenred joined the index in 2013, in the "Commercial & Professional Services" category. 
This recognition has since been renewed in 2014 and 2015.


The purpose of this index is to facilitate investments in companies that meet the internationally recognized criteria applying to corporate social responsibility. 

Of the 305 European companies in the index, only 45 are French. Edenred's inclusion in the index since 2010 has been a strong incentive to pursue a CSR policy.