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Socially responsible investment

Edenred’s mission is to make the working world a better place for all. The Group enables a virtuous ecosystem, connecting 50 million employees and 2 million partner merchants via some 900,000 corporate clients. Edenred's ambition is to contribute to employee well-being, vitalize the economy and local employment, increase companies’ efficiency and invent the solutions of tomorrow through co-construction. All Edenred’s actions are implemented according to its corporate social, societal and environmental responsibility policy.

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Edenred’s business model

A business model at the center of a unique ecosystem


CSR strategyCSR strategy

The sustainable development policy is based on three groups of commitments

People: improve quality of life
Edenred aims to be an employer of choice in terms of professional development, human rights and diversity, to promote well-being through healthy and sustainable eating and to contribute to local development.

Planet: preserve the environment
Edenred seeks to preserve the environment by reducing its carbon footprint, its consumption of resources and its waste, by designing eco services for mobility and against food waste while managing the impact of its solutions.

Progress: create value responsibly 
Edenred is committed to developing its activities and partnerships in an ethical manner across its entire value chain. The Group guarantees IT security and data protection, while meeting the expectations of its clients and users and involving them in its shift-to-digital.


Non-financial indexNon-financial index


The purpose of FTSE4GOOD index series is to facilitate investments in companies that meet the internationally recognized criteria applying to Corporate Social Responsibility. The integration of Edenred in these indices since 2011 underlines its strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings

In March 2022, Standard & Poor's Global Ratings assigned Edenred an ESG (environmental, social and governance) rating of 79/100. This score, which is 11 points above the global average, is based on a thorough and rigorous assessment of the company's management of long-term ESG risks.

In February 2022, the Group was also named an “Industry Mover” in S&P Global's 2022 Sustainability Yearbook, which places the Group among the top 15%of its industry in terms of ESG.

United Nations Global CompactUnited Nations Global Compact

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, Edenred is also committed to promoting its core values with respect for human rights, labor regulations and good environmental practices.


United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsUinted Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Moreover, Edenred contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for 2030. With its social commitments, Edenred works towards 12 of these global goals, through the three axes of its CSR policy.


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