Become a shareholder

Your shares may be held in bearer or registered form. Access all information.

Your shares may be held in bearer or registered form

Bearer shares

They are the most common form. They are purchased and managed by your bank or broker, without your name appearing in the Edenred share registry.


Registered shares

Indirectly registered shares

They are held in an account managed by your bank or broker, which registers them under your name in the Edenred share registry. You enjoy the same benefits as if the shares were directly registered with Edenred, except that you must pay the custody fees.

Directly registered shares

They are recorded in the Edenred share register and held in an account managed by Société Générale Securities Services, the Company’s registrar. In this case, you do not have to pay any custody fees.

If you register your shares, you will systematically and directly receive all of the latest Company information, news and documents, including Notices of Meeting, admission card request forms, proxy/postal voting forms and document request forms.

You will also be invited to attend meetings with shareholders organized by Edenred in Paris and elsewhere in France. Lastly, shares registered in the same name for at least two years carry double voting rights.

If you wish to hold your Edenred shares in a French PEA personal equity plan, you may register them and enjoy the related benefits, except that you will be liable for the custody fees charged by your PEA custodian.

However, you should make sure that registering your shares does not entail any additional management fees from your custodian.

Access to registered account

You wish to purchase EDENRED registered shares, the management of which has been entrusted to Société Générale Securities Services (Registered securities account agreement & order-taking agreement).

You can consult the advantages of share registration in this guide as pricing policy*.

* Your [EDENRED] shares are registered in a securities account at Société Générale Securities Services. With this form of shareholding, you are exempted from paying handling charges as well as certain day-to-day management fees such as:

  • fees connected with dividend payment,
  • fees connected with share transactions (increase in capital, etc.).

In order to place your order, we need you to fill out the following documents and send them back to Société Générale Securities Services:

  • The purchase order form, to be completed, dated and signed by you.
  • The securities account agreement subscription form, to be completed, dated and signed by you.
  • Direct Debit Mandate (SEPA), to be completed, dated and signed by you.
  • Copies of the documents required in the securities account agreement subscription form.
  • The payment of approximately 50% of the estimated amount of your purchase order (depending on the share price), by cheque or bank transfer in Euros (please refer to the purchase order form). The balance of the operation will be required, if any, upon the receipt of your notice of transaction confirming your order.

Important: your instruction cannot be processed upon receipt all the elements listed above. Following the execution of your order, you will receive a notice of registration of your shares as well as your access codes to our online services.

To help us provide the best quality service, please confirm the accuracy of your existing account information or provide us your personal and banking details on SHARINBOX. The information you provide will also allow us to transfer to you any payment regarding share sales or potential dividend.

Documents must be sent by mail at the following address:

Société Générale Securities Services
32 rue du Champ de tir
CS 30812
44308 Nantes Cedex 3

  • The SHARINBOX* website, which allows you to check your holdings, update your personal data, get information about your account and place buy and sell orders (provided that you have signed and returned the contract covering online orders, which may be downloaded from the home page).
  • The multi-lingual customer relations center, whose interactive voice server may be contacted 24/7 at+33 (0)2 51 85 67 89 (cost of a local call in France or a long distance call from your country). In addition, Société Générale operators are standing by from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm CET.

* Access codes and passwords will be sent separately by mail.