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More secure and efficient virtual transactions for all

People at work in all professions and across all continents have one major thing in common: the need for flexible, reliable and secure transactions. Edenred goes beyond and offers them innovative solutions with streamlined, data-powered user experiences ensuring the traceability of funds. These high-in-demand digital services are now central to our strategy as a global expert in earmarked payments.

Edenred Complementary Solutions in figures

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    US suppliers paid via the Edenred platform

🔎 Focus: financial inclusion to drive social progress

In many countries, precarious workers are still excluded from the banking system. As well as being trapped in the informal economy, they are deprived of most rights enjoyed by other people at work.

Edenred’s digital solutions support financial inclusion by enabling workers to receive their pay via a card and a mobile app. A regular, traceable income means workers can fully integrate into the community and make an active contribution. Most importantly, by enabling them to make plans and see them through, it offers the promise of a better future.

From construction workers in the United Arab Emirates to self-employed truck drivers in Brazil, several million people already benefit from our solutions. As a result, they have access to basic everyday financial services such as cash withdrawals, in-store and online payment, money transfers abroad and salary advances.

Innovation pays

With the Benefit Xpress solution, Taiwanese companies can reward their employees with 100% digital, fully secure vouchers in just one click. Beneficiaries can then use these benefits immediately at numerous retailers, both in store and online.

Taking advantage of the strong penetration of mobile payment in this region, this solution saves time and productivity for HR teams, while increasing the visibility of partner brands and the purchasing power of users.

Ever-more efficient B2B payments

More than 40% of supplier payments in the United States are still made by check or in cash. Edenred is now spearheading the move to digitalize the country’s corporate payment market. Our innovative solutions are accepted by such big names as Citi and Sage.

In October 2022, we expanded our offering in North America with the acquisition of IPS, an invoice automation pioneer and industry leader. By combining supplier invoice processing and payment automation technologies, Edenred aims to offer its customers an integrated end-to-end solution to further simplify and streamline the entire supplier invoice management process.

💡 Did you know?

€18 billion: that’s how much check fraud costs US businesses every year.

Exploring new transactional horizons

Under the leadership of President Paul Biya, Cameroon became the sixth African country to entrust Edenred with the management of its agricultural subsidies program. Now 100% digital, Agri Edenred is an earmarked payment solution that instantly and securely transfers subsidies in the form of e-vouchers that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. Beneficiaries can then use the e-vouchers to purchase seeds, fertilizer and other agricultural inputs from accredited distributors.

A pilot phase was launched in 2022 with 10,000 farmers in the Moungo region. The project will be extended to 600,000 eligible Cameroonian coffee and cocoa farmers by 2025.

💡 Did you know?

Africa has 550 million farmers, representing 55% of the continent’s working population.