Supporting transformation

Today’s world is being reshaped by powerful, deep-seated forces. From the health crisis to the tech revolution and climate change, these shifts are prompting individuals and organizations to reevaluate their needs and aspirations. Edenred is ideally placed to both observe and influence these macrotrends, and is already contributing to the emergence of tomorrow’s norms.

A changing world of work

The talent war, Great Resignation and new ways of working of the last three years have redefined the relationship between employers and employees. And these transformations are just the beginning. Today, the challenge for companies is not only to attract and retain top talent, but also to keep them motivated on a daily basis.

Some of the options available to them include flexible working conditions and a variety of personalized benefits.

Key figures

  • 40% of employees in Europe work remotely at least one day a week

  • 75% of companies experienced a talent shortage in 2022 (up 35% versus 2016)

  • 82% of Generation Z says they are tempted by “quiet quitting” (i.e., doing the bare minimum to keep their job)

Opportunities for Edenred

We are the world leader in employee benefits, providing solutions in the areas of food, transportation, healthcare, training and human services. Employers can choose from over 100 Group programs when seeking in-kind benefits to enhance their compensation policies. In several countries, we offer employee engagement platforms, where beneficiaries can spend their credit according to their specific needs. These benefits all give an immediate boost to well-being and purchasing power, positively impacting employees’ motivation and work/life balance.

A new era for mobility

The mobility sector is facing a paradox. While greater movement of people and goods is a major source of economic and social progress, it is also taking a toll on the environment. Transportation is the second source of greenhouse gas emissions globally. And fossil fuels are becoming more scarce, requiring more polluting production methods.

But the sector has undergone a transformation too. Greener options such as electric and connected vehicles, accompanied combined transportation and urban micromobility solutions are now widely accessible, revolutionizing the mobility experience.

Key figures

  • 14% of vehicles on the road could be electric by 2030

  • 96% of new vehicles sold in 2030 are expected to be connected

Opportunities for Edenred

When it comes to mobility, our strategic roadmap looks resolutely beyond fossil fuels. In Brazil, fleet managers can use data-powered Edenred solutions to optimize their fuel consumption and emissions. Electromobility is being championed too, with Edenred UTA clients now enjoying access to 400,000 charging stations in 33 European countries.

In France and the United States, Edenred solutions also unlock a wide range of more environmentally friendly urban transportation options for workers. The goal here is to encourage public transit, bicycles, electric scooters and car-sharing over private car use for commuting.

New payment experiences

The health crisis accelerated a move from in-person to remote shopping, spurring the growth of e-commerce websites. Payment methods naturally followed suit, with online, mobile and contactless technologies flourishing. As a result, instant payments and e-money are slated to account for over 25% of non-cash transactions worldwide by 2025, versus 14.5% in 2020.

The same trend is at work in the B2B market, where the rise in cashless payments is allowing organizations to optimize their transactions and cash management. The challenge is to identify solutions that combine reliability, security and long-term viability.

Key figures

  • >50% of e-commerce sales worldwide are made on mobile devices

  • >150 payment methods are available in Europe

Opportunities for Edenred

By constantly evolving our digital payment services, such as through our dynamic open innovation ecosystem, we have now positioned ourselves as a leader in fintech. In 2022, 45 mobile payment programs were rolled out in 26 countries for Edenred solutions.

The Group solutions are 100% digital – and 100% mobile too in some countries, like Taiwan. Our cloud-based accounts payable platform harnesses invoice processing and payment automation technology to provides US businesses with greater transparency and efficiency.

Deeply rooted environmental responsibility

People and organizations are collectively and individually questioning their consumption patterns. The climate emergency and a desire to protect biodiversity and the environment have prompted them to adopt more responsible behavior, doing more with less and committing to eco-citizenship.

For the business world, this paradigm is a strategic question. Customers, employees and partners expect companies to act with the same environmental awareness as they do. Laws and regulations – which are more restrictive – further encourage them to continuously reduce their use of resources and their carbon footprint.

Key figures

  • 77% of consumers would prefer to buy from companies committed to CSR

  • 70% of employees would refuse to work for a company without a purpose

Opportunities for Edenred

Our solutions have long encouraged more responsible consumer behavior. For example:

  • In Belgium, Ticket EcoCheque allows businesses to grant employees up to €250 each year to buy eco-friendly products and services. Every euro spent through the program reduces carbon emissions by 1 kilogram compared with a standard purchase.

  • Digital meal benefit solutions can be used for payment in an exact amount, enabling users to buy only what they need at lunch and thereby combatting food waste.

  • At Edenred, we limit our use of paper and strive to recycle or eco-design our plastic cards (6.5 million eco-designed cards are already in circulation). The next step is to support users in adopting 100% dematerialized usage (plasticless).