from vision to action

The Board of Directors (with its three committees) and the Executive Committee, which together form the Group’s management bodies, are tasked with setting responsible strategy and overseeing its day-to-day implementation. Their members embody the diversity, expertise and commitment of our teams.

The Board of Directors: architects of strategy

The Board of Directors is representative of Edenred’s industries and regions. Its role is to set the Group’s business strategy, including in CSR matters, and oversee its implementation. The Board is based on the values of independence (with 80% of members independent), gender balance (with 50% of members women) and diversity (in terms of culture and skills). Its rules of procedure are included in Edenred’s bylaws and the Internal Regulations of the Board of Directors, which form its governance charter.

Edenred’s Board of Directors met eight times in 2022.

Composition at December 31, 2022

Director skills matrix (excluding the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

Three Board Committees lending expertise

The three Board Committees prepare the work and discussions of the Board of Directors in their respective areas. Made up of directors appointed for their particular skills, they submit their observations, opinions, proposals and recommendations to the Board on a regular basis.

The Executive Committee: responsible stewards

The Executive Committee brings together operational representatives from the Group’s main business lines and heads of corporate functions who provide expert support. It meets roughly twice a month. At February 2, 2023, the Executive Committee comprised ten members.