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Driving a responsible future for corporate mobility

From energy and technology to environmental issues, the mobility landscape is changing at high speed. Edenred is supporting these shifts to more responsible behavior by offering a simpler, more efficient experience to companies and their employees, while increasing the revenue of partner merchants. As part of our strategic plan, we continued to extend our portfolio beyond fuel in 2022 and are now a global platform for more sustainable fleet and mobility solutions.

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🔎 Focus: toward greener mobility

Edenred launched the Move for Good program in 2022 to help companies reduce the environmental impact of their mobility. The program is structured around four pillars:

  1. Raise awareness by giving clients a 360° vision of their vehicle data to help them understand, track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Reduce and avoid greenhouse gas emissions, by encouraging the use of greener transportation options such as electromobility and biofuels.
  3. Offset up to 100% of emissions through third-party certified projects, such as forest protection and methane recovery.
  4. Preserve, by supporting local projects to protect biodiversity and restore degraded areas, including in Brazil, Peru and France.

Launched in some European countries and in Latin America, the program will be rolled out worldwide.

Edenred lance « Move for Good », un programme mondial pour accompagner ses clients dans leur transition énergétique

Seeing energy differently

Beyond our core fuel card offering, we have made a resolute move into multi-energy services in line with the anticipated boom in electromobility.

Edenred solutions in Europe now include electric vehicle charging following a strategic partnership formed with ChargePoint in April 2022. Thanks to this alliance, Edenred UTA clients can access more than 400,000 charging stations across 33 European countries.

💡 Did you know?

In Europe, electric vehicles sales have increased by 26% between 2021 and 2022.

More services and onboard intelligence

We are developing our portfolio beyond fuel supply. In many countries, we provide maintenance, repair, cleaning and equipment purchase services, for example. We also offer our clients other options such as VAT refund and toll services. The UTA One solution, for example, enables automatic electronic toll payment in 14 European countries.

In Brazil, the cutting-edge GoHub service has completely revolutionized the fleet manager experience. This dashboard centralizes a large amount of fleet data in real time, both from Edenred (fuel, maintenance, tolls) and from third parties (telematics, parking and insurance). This results in easier management, cutting operating expenses and improving driver safety in the process. When used together with AI-powered digital assistant TED, this solution further empowers managers to optimize fleet routes and fuel choices – and therefore shrink their carbon footprint.

TED, Edenred Brazil's virtual assistant

Exploring new markets

We have already begun bringing Edenred expertise to new geographies.

In the United States, we teamed up with Visa to develop the Edenred Essentials card for light fleets in 2022. This optimized management solution allows users to purchase fuel, charge electric vehicles and pay vehicle-related expenses, generating welcome efficiency gains for companies amid rising fuel prices.

In Brazil, Edenred has carved out a place in the strategic electronic toll segment through the acquisition of e-toll solution issuer Greenpass. The toll and fuel markets are highly complementary. By serving both, we aim to consolidate our leadership position in Latin America.

💡 Did you know?

Tolls represent around 10% of fleet costs.