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Tech for Good: forming virtuous,
lasting connections

As a technology pioneer, Edenred strives to constantly improve the experience, service and well-being provided by its earmarked payment solutions. We use our collective imagination to make the world of work a connected ecosystem that is safer, more efficient and more user-friendly. Our purpose also holds the promise of cohesive, virtuous digitalization.

A leader in digital innovation

By investing more than €300 million each year in technology assets (twice as much as in 2016), not only have we disrupted our own business model, but we have also established ourselves as the leader in digital innovation in our markets. In 2021, 90% of our business volume was digital, as were 100% of our new solutions.

This acceleration has transformed Edenred into a unique digital platform in just a few years. Some 43 mobile payment programs are now offered in 22 countries via Edenred Pay, the Group’s proprietary solution, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. And the number of transactions has risen tenfold in only three years.

Today, we provide an omnichannel payment experience by connecting over 200 delivery platforms in 23 countries to our proprietary technology platform. In France, we were also the first in the market to launch smartphone-based pay-at-table solutions for restaurants in 2021 (for more information, see the Eat section).

Key figures

  • 100% digital (paperless and plasticless) solutions now available in 9 countries

Earmarked transactions as a source of progress

Thanks to our platform and our technological expertise, we can pre-configure all aspects of a digital transaction – who, where, when and how much – with a high level of granularity. We are also a world leader in earmarked funds, which offer unrivaled traceability, reliability and security.

Edenred solutions thereby ensure that money allocated by an employer or the public authorities is spent exactly as intended and within the allotted time. For this reason, the funds are guaranteed to produce the virtuous effect they were designed to have, for example access to greener mobility options for users, increased revenue for partner restaurants, optimized fleet costs for companies and reduced incidences of fraud for governments.

Edenred, world leader of earmarked payments

Data, the resource of the future

Each year, more than 1 billion transactions are processed by Edenred’s data platform. By carefully analyzing them, we are able to more fully understand our stakeholders’ expectations and consistently serve them more effectively. Data science is also at the root of innovative new services, leveraging artificial intelligence for example, like in Fleet & Mobility Solutions in Brazil (for more information, see the Move page).

As responsible data stewards, we work tirelessly to protect the personal data entrusted to us. We are also committed to improving the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of our data centers, with the aim of minimizing the average power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio. With this in mind, we are reducing our energy consumption, in particular through greater use of virtual servers.

Key figures

  • 90% of Group business data hosted on trusted cloud infrastructure

  • 23% of Edenred data centers powered by renewable energy in 2020

  • 150 data practitioners within the Group

Data center

Cybersecurity and data protection: top concerns

Increased regulatory requirements and risks associated with cybercrime make cybersecurity a top concern at Edenred. To ward off cyberthreats, we have set up an international cybersecurity unit, a dedicated organization and technical solutions that can be activated immediately in the event of a crisis, as well as a control system used to regularly assess the level of security company-wide. We also take the necessary measures to guarantee the availability, integrity and protection of confidential or personal data belonging to Edenred and our clients.

As part of our CSR policy, we closely monitor the progress of each of our subsidiaries on these issues.

Key figures

  • 10 Group subsidiaries to date hold international cybersecurity certifications

  • 3 e-learning modules for all employees on cybersecurity and personal data protection

The major challenge of cybersecurity