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Embedding our purpose
in everything we do

"Enrich connections. For good." This purpose, developed with all of our stakeholders, reflects our goal of harnessing networks to improve people’s daily lives. It guides our every action and charts a sustainable path to a better future.

From introspection to collective thinking

Edenred decided to take the leap in early 2020.

The process saw several hundred Edenred employees consulted through interviews, workshops and surveys. A working group with representatives from the Group’s main geographies and businesses was also formed and met regularly to try to capture the essence of Edenred.

The product of these collaborative efforts, along with interviews with clients, NGOs, shareholders and directors, was then carefully refined by scientists, intellectuals, sociologists and philosophers. The aim was to formulate a simple statement just a few words long that perfectly pinpointed where Edenred’s core identity met the needs of society and the wider world.

The resulting purpose was then approved by the Board of Directors and unveiled at the General Meeting in May 2021, before being shared among Edenred’s 10,000 employees. It has two objectives: inform the company’s long-term decisions and unite its teams, in line with its strategy and its corporate social responsibility policy.

Bertrand Dumazy
Bertrand Dumazy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred

Our purpose is a reflection of what brings us together and drives us forward: strong values, an ambitious strategy, virtuous relationships with our stakeholders, and a commitment to CSR embedded in our DNA. We make sure that it guides us in all our endeavors.

Edenred unveils its purpose

"Enrich connections.", two words that reflect Edenred’s ability to increase the value of each exchange from a people and a technology perspective. Every day, the Group makes connections happen between merchants, users, employers and public authorities – and makes them last.

"For good.", because these connections drive a virtuous circle of wealth and health. They tangibly improve the daily lives of employees, boost companies’ efficiency and attractiveness, vitalize the local economy, enhance the efficiency and traceability of public policies and encourage more responsible behavior.

Firm commitments

As proof that it is grounded in the real world, Edenred’s purpose is driven by the following three commitments for 2030, taken from the Ideal CSR policy:

The 2021 General Meeting approved a resolution making 25% of free share allocation plans contingent on the achievement of these targets, assessed over three consecutive financial years.

Edenred has also tied these CSR performance criteria to several of its financing instruments (for more information, see the  Financial performance page).