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Streamlining and securing virtual transactions

Edenred’s digital payment solutions simplify and automate financial flows for people at work across the board – from accountants in the United States to truckers in Brazil and farmers in Cameroon. Our ethos can be summed up in three words: reliability, flexibility and security.

Innovative and virtuous solutions

Digitalizing corporate payments

Sage, the market leader in cloud-based business management solutions, and Edenred’s US subsidiary CSI (Corporate Spending Innovations), have extended their partnership to deliver a new accounts payable solution in the United States. Sage Intacct Vendor Payments, provided by CSI, offers a seamless, integrated payment experience that enables companies to pay their suppliers quickly, securely and efficiently. The solution speeds up the account reconciliation process while reducing transaction costs.

Corporate clients

Growing mobile payment

In 2021, PayByPhone, the world leader in mobile parking payment, called on Edenred Corporate Payment to expand its range of parking management and payment services for corporate fleets. The result is a solution that digitalizes these expenses and groups them all together, facilitating the day-to-day work of corporate administrative and financial teams. Fleet managers also gain greater visibility over employee business travel, with a full monthly report for each vehicle.

In-vehicle payment system

Encouraging financial inclusion

Edenred’s C3Pay solution in the United Arab Emirates gives 2 million unbanked and underbanked workers access to financial services, allowing them to receive their wages regularly and securely, withdraw cash, make in-store, online and mobile payments, and transfer money overseas. Users can even take advantage of a salary advance service if required.

In Brazil, Edenred subsidiary Repom develops prepaid cards and mobile payment solutions for self-employed truckers. All work-related expenses (fuel, meals, tolls) are supported, providing truckers with traceable proof of income that can be used for home loan applications, for example.

The C3Pay card

The C3Pay card

Supporting farmers in Africa

In 2021, Cameroon became the sixth African country to use the Agri Edenred digital solution to design and manage its subsidy program for agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers). The digital earmarked payment system ensures that subsidies can be granted easily, quickly and securely as part of a program to develop this key sector of the country’s economy. One major innovation is the e-voucher, which can be downloaded directly by the 600,000 beneficiary coffee and cocoa farmers via the Edenred mobile application – a big advantage in a country where the mobile penetration rate is 80%.

Connections that benefit everyone

Edenred’s solutions promotes financial, technological and social inclusion for workers, particularly those without access to banking services. With reliable and secure payment methods, they can more easily manage their daily finances.


Edenred solutions promote local employment and drive business to neighborhood stores. They also meet merchant needs, including accelerated payment settlement, automated reconciliation between invoices and transactions, and smooth account management for points of sale.

Partner merchants

From corporate expense management and optimization to automated payment transactions and simplified supplier relations, Edenred’s solutions make life easier for companies, saving them time, cutting costs and reducing the risk of fraud.

By managing their subsidy programs with Edenred’s digital solutions, public authorities can be sure that the funds granted are used for their intended purpose, following the correct procedures. Earmarking payments this way ensures maximum efficiency for public policies, which is especially important when channeling stimulus to targeted economic segments.

Public authorities

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