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Accompanying all work-related travel

Edenred’s solutions facilitate and optimize all types of work-related mobility for both companies and their employees. They go beyond fuel to include fleet management, maintenance, tolls and tax refunds – right up to solutions encouraging green transportation for daily commutes.

Innovative and virtuous solutions

UTA One, the most comprehensive e-toll solution on the market

UTA One today enables automatic electronic toll collection for trucks and buses in 14 European countries (up from 8 in 2020), making it the most comprehensive electronic toll solution on the market. The innovative on-board unit offers a range of high value-added services such as UTA SmartConnect, which provides a real-time overview of the fleet throughout Europe. For drivers using the solution, it ensures peace of mind on the road – and time savings at every toll booth.

TED, Edenred Brazil's virtual assistant

TED, Edenred Brazil's virtual assistant

Data, driving improvements in work-related travel

In Brazil, two Edenred solutions give fleet managers the power to fully leverage their data. The GoHub platform captures all fleet-related indicators – fuel, maintenance, tolls and telematics – and centralizes them on a single dashboard in real time. By analyzing this data, companies can cut operating costs, save time and improve driver safety.

TED is an artificial intelligence-powered digital assistant that provides fleet managers with an additional level of optimization, helping them to choose the most efficient fuel type for their fleet (gasoline or ethanol), for example. TED can also locate service stations with the best prices – and plan out a route that reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions.

More virtuous commuting

With Commuter Benefits (in the United States), Ticket Mobilité (in France) and Edenred Mobility (in Belgium), employees can be allocated a budget by their employer to cover commuting expenses. Built on a digital account with an associated mobile application, these solutions are accepted in an extensive network of partners, such as public transportation operators, carpooling services and self-service scooter, bike, moped and car sharing apps. By promoting access to these new forms of mobility encouraged by the public authorities, Edenred is fostering the emergence of responsible daily commuting habits.

User of Edenred Commuter Benefits in the US

User of Edenred Commuter Benefits in the US

A smaller carbon footprint for businesses

In the United States, Edenred is a founding partner of The Intuit Climate Action Marketplace, an online platform that aims at empowering 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises to take positive action and cut 50% off their carbon emissions by 2030. For example, it allows them to finance part of their employees’ transportation costs through payroll tax savings.

Connections that benefit everyone

Edenred is developing largely virtual and secure solutions that enable truckers and other drivers to settle all their travel-related expenses without having to pay up front – meaning they no longer need to carry cash. Edenred’s commuting solutions also make it easier for employees to take greener modes of transportation.

There is strength in numbers. Edenred understands this, and has developed a worldwide network of partners (mechanics, maintenance centers, toll booths, service stations and green mobility operators) to serve employees and companies alike.

Partner merchants

Because mobility is often costly and time-consuming, Edenred’s solutions are being enriched to help companies manage their expenses, reduce their administrative costs, shrink their carbon footprint and better track their transactions.

Corporate clients

Support for eco-mobility and, more generally, the ecological transition, are already a central focus of public policy. At Edenred, we are doing our part by encouraging employees to use alternative modes of transportation and by helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint, for the benefit of society as a whole.

Public authorities

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