Four Edenred employees

Unleashing the power
of human connections

Some 10,000 women and men at Edenred embody the Group’s purpose, bringing it to life day after day. They do this both in-house through their diversity and team spirit, which drive performance and innovation, and outside the company through their commitment to clients and local communities.

Ever stronger links

With the health crisis extending into 2021, we made protecting our people our top priority. Monitoring the situation in each subsidiary helped to limit the risk of contamination in the workplace while maintaining business continuity. At the same time, the More than Ever relief plan supported the most vulnerable employees and their families.

Edenred employees were able to stay in touch with their colleagues thanks to the RED internal information and communication platform, which was rolled out across all Edenred entities in 2021. At the same time, the EdenPeople HR platform allowed them to remotely manage all aspects of their careers.

  • >90%

    of employees are registered on the RED platform

  • 85%

    of employees receive training each year (average over the last 5 years)

Edenred teams closink ranks

Always growing

Since 2020, the Edenred employer brand has reflected the features that unite each of the Group’s 10,000 employees across 45 countries. It also reaffirms our commitment to employability, diversity and inclusion.

To support our employees throughout their Edenred career, we place particular emphasis on training. Our aim is to unlock employees’ full potential and create an ethical base to strengthen team spirit, harnessing programs such as Edenstep (for young international graduates), Talent Week and the Edenred Executive Academy (Group development programs) and EDU (the Edenred Digital University e-learning platform).

Diversity and equality in practice

At Edenred, we strongly believe that our multiculturalism is both a strength and a reflection of the diversity of our clients. All subsidiaries have signed the Group’s Diversity Charter and the number of local initiatives is increasing, with examples including Mexico’s Somos DI program, the İçindeki Tanrıçayı Uyandır (Awaken Your Inner Goddess) seminar in Turkey, and parenthood support initiatives in Brazil. We also created a mandatory multilingual training module in 2021 to tackle unconscious bias.

In 2020, we stepped up efforts to promote gender balance in the Group with an internal mentoring program designed to give women the confidence to take on positions of responsibility. This was followed in 2021 by a gender diversity policy disseminated among management bodies. Today, 34% of executive positions within Edenred are held by women – a figure that has risen by 5 points since 2020 – and our target is to reach 40% by 2030.

These efforts were rewarded in 2021 with international certifications including Best Place to Work (in Mexico, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates) and Top Employer (in France, for the second year running) – proof of the excellence of the Group’s practices in the area of employee well-being and commitment.

Edenred also received the Gender Balance and Diversity Award from the Institut du Capitalisme Responsable as part of the 2021 General Meeting.

Diversity within the teams
  • 60

    nationalities represented at Edenred

  • 50%

    of employees are women

  • 41%

    of managers are women

Committed community stakeholders

Life at Edenred is punctuated by numerous outreach initiatives. The Idealday worldwide solidarity event, for example, gives each employee the opportunity to volunteer for the local community during work hours. Held last year on June 25, 2021, it saw employees create green spaces in retirement homes, steer unsold food to people in need to combat food waste (in France) and clean up several public spaces and natural areas (in Singapore and Romania). In Belgium, Edenred teams trained merchants in digital technology so that they could develop their businesses. And employees in Brazil organized workshops on entering the job market for young people, socializing with the elderly and supporting local non-profits.

2020 Idealday: a worldwide solidarity day!

  • 1,519

    days of volunteering

  • 175

    non-profits supported

In 2021, the fifth Edenraid, a sporting challenge for Group employees, raised a record €40,000 for Médecins Sans Frontières. For two months, Edenraiders joined forces to walk, run or cycle a combined distance of more than 1,100,000 kilometers (36% more than in 2020). The funds raised will finance specific programs to fight Covid-19 in the countries where Edenred operates.

5 values central to all of our actions

Passion for customers

We are committed to companies, employees and merchants, working to understand and anticipate their needs as effectively as possible and align our services and our programs with their changing expectations. We relentlessly fine-tune every last detail until 100% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.

Passion for customers


Business excellence requires respect. For this reason, we work proactively, accountably and honestly with our customers. We express our gratitude and our recognition every day to our colleagues. We efficiently use the resources provided to us by our shareholders. And we offer products and services that create value for all of our stakeholders in society as a whole.



Imagination stimulates innovation and gives rise to progress. Every day, we let our creativity run free to inspire and connect companies, employees and merchants in the working world, both today and tomorrow.



Our customers want their interactions with us to be simple and easy. We strive to be straightforward in everything we do and transparent in everything we say.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Edenred’s entrepreneurial spirit drives growth and spreads the Group’s pioneering ethos to the new territories that we set out to explore. It strengthens local empowerment while continually pushing us to higher levels of business excellence.

Entrepreneurial spirit