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Fostering employees’ personal and professional fulfillment

Edenred strives to reinforce employer-employee bonds while improving purchasing power and quality of life for workers across the board. As a partner of choice for human resources teams, we offer innovative solutions such as fully digital vouchers and platforms to equip employees for remote working.

Innovative and virtuous solutions

Remote working platforms

With the health crisis, remote working took on a whole new dimension. Edenred supported this trend by developing innovative e-commerce platforms such as Teletrabajo in Mexico and Télétravail in France, which make it easier to cover employees’ remote working expenses (office supplies and computer hardware, for example). With less paperwork, improved expense tracking, a wide range of more than 4,000 eligible products and, ultimately, better remote working conditions, everybody wins.

Edenred Télétravail

Mobile shopping made easy

Ticket Xpress, originally developed in Taiwan, is an innovative solution that allows companies to easily reward their employees with fully virtual vouchers (using QR codes) compatible with all mobile technologies on the market. Activated in one click and completely secure, these vouchers can be used immediately at the retailer of the user’s choice, either in-store or online.

Reconciling purchasing power and sustainability

Since 2010, Belgian employees using Ticket EcoCheque have been able to combine purchasing power, environmental responsibility and support for the local economy. The solution can be used to buy eco-friendly products and services in a variety of sectors, from food and transportation to household goods and leisure. Ticket EcoCheque is now recognized at the European level as a model for promoting responsible consumption.

Edenred Belgium's Ticket EcoCheque solution

Better incentives for employees in Europe

Edenred’s employee engagement platforms offer a full range of solutions for employers and works councils in several European countries, such as Romania, Belgium, Italy and France. These solutions are based on dedicated e-commerce portals, where employees can purchase many products and services at preferential prices. The result is stronger employer-employee relationships and a better work-life balance for staff.

Utilisatrice des plateformes d'engagement des salariés Edenred

Connections that benefit everyone

By opening access to a wide range of goods and services, Edenred’s solutions improve employee users’ purchasing power. They also contribute to a better work-life balance in a world where the border between the personal and the professional can often feel blurred.


In a rapidly changing working world, Edenred empowers companies to enhance their appeal and improve employee engagement with varied, digital and flexible solutions. Engagement platforms adapt to the needs of each employer to reward and retain talent in a simple and secure way.

Partner merchants

Employees who use Edenred solutions contribute, via their activities and purchases, to supporting our network of partners, whether online or in store. This is true in a range of industries, from human services to culture and healthcare.

Corporate clients

Edenred’s solutions are effective tools for bringing off-the-books jobs back into the formal economy. They also support the economic recovery in industries strongly impacted by the pandemic (leisure, culture and tourism, for example).

Public authorities

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