A model for creating
sustainable and profitable value

The Group’s value creation model is a real-world reflection of the purpose Edenred defined in 2021: “Enrich connections. For good.” By forming and enhancing tangible, sustainable bonds between stakeholders across the board, Edenred’s technology solutions drive progress for ecosystem members , wider society and the environment.

2021 figures

Robust, diverse resources

Our capital

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Just under 10,000 men and women driven by a purpose “Enrich connections. For good.” and strong values

  • Passion for customers
  • Respect
  • Imagination
  • Simplicity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
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A positioning in step
with major global shifts

Our mission

Be the everyday companion for people at work

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A platform at the center of a virtuous ecosystem

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Positive impacts for all stakeholders

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  • €30 billion in revenue delivered to merchants
  • Meal benefit solutions are the most effective digital mechanism in terms of business contribution and costs for restaurants in France (Source: Roland Berger study)

Contribution to 12 of the 17
UN Sustainable Development Goals

main contribution via solutions
other contributions (via CSR policy and knock-on effect of solutions)