Developing cutting-edge solutions

Constantly listening to its stakeholders and the global megatrends, Edenred has been able to reinvent its offer, one evolution after another, to offer its customers and users cutting-edge solutions that are more flexible, secure and efficient.

A digital leader

In the beginning was paper – the starting point of a journey where imagination was the only limit to innovation.

Today, most of Edenred's business volume is generated through digital solutions – and even 100% in the area of Mobility Solutions and Corporate Payment Services.

In each of its business lines, payment by card is gradually giving way to an increasingly dematerialized omnichannel experience, on smartphones, on online platforms or on the dashboard of one's vehicle.

To enable its users to get the most out of its solutions, Edenred leverages the strengths of its digital platform to partner with leading technology players, such as delivery platforms, and helps shape the mobile payment landscape with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or its own solution, Edenred Pay.

Edenred Pay

Edenred Payment Solutions: an important technological asset

With more than 150 million cards managed, this European leading provider of card issue and management solutions enables the Group to anticipate and test new payment technologies.

Edenred Payment Solutions provides the technological building blocks that are used to design Edenred’s own programs, but also those of its external customers in retailing and fintech.

A significant advantage when it comes to launching programs in record time.

Data, the resource of the future

Edenred is able to extract for its customers large quantities of data from over 1 billion transactions integrated into its platform; the analysis of this data can constantly enrich the experience for the Group's solutions.
For example, in Brazil, in the area of ​​Fleet & Mobility Solutions, data mining related to the use of vehicles (fuel, tolls, maintenance) allows fleet managers to optimize their consumption and their maintenance operations, notably by using predictive maintenance.

As responsible data stewards, Edenred works tirelessly to protect the personal data entrusted to the Group. Edenred is also committed to improving the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of its data centers, with the aim of minimizing the average power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio. With this in mind, the Group is reducing its energy consumption, in particular through greater use of virtual servers.

  • 90%

    of Group business data hosted on trusted cloud infrastructure

  • 23%

    of Edenred data centers powered by renewable energy in 2020

  • 150

    data practitioners within the Group

Cybersecurity and data protection: top concerns

Increased regulatory requirements and risks associated with cybercrime make cybersecurity a top concern at Edenred. To ward off cyberthreats, the Group has set up an international cybersecurity unit, a dedicated organization and technical solutions that can be activated immediately in the event of a crisis, as well as a control system used to regularly assess the level of security company-wide. Edenred also takes the necessary measures to guarantee the availability, integrity and protection of confidential or personal data belonging to Edenred and its clients.

As part of its "Ideal" CSR policy, Edenred closely monitors the progress of each of its subsidiaries on these issues.

The major challenge of cybersecurity

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  • Solutions in line with world trends

    Edenred leverages its digital platform to provide rapid responses to the needs of an increasingly connected, mobile and responsible world.

  • Open innovation

    Edenred leverages its structured open innovation policy to explore ecosystems close to its core business.