Solutions in line with world trends

For Edenred, innovation means leveraging its digital platform to provide differentiating services that meet the challenges of an increasingly connected, mobile and responsible world.

Supporting changes in the world of work

  1. Mobile usages
    Digital by design, Edenred's solutions help simplify and streamline transactions for customers, partners and users. In 2023, 46 smartphone payment programs were deployed in 26 countries for the Group's solutions. In France, Edenred is also developing pay-at-table services in restaurants. Using a QR code, guests can get the bill without waiting, share the total or even pay for their meal in one click with their Edenred account and leave a tip 100% digitally.
  2. Hybrid work
    Edenred's digital solutions are particularly well suited to work models that alternate between remote and on-site work.
    Thanks to Edenred's extensive network of affiliated merchants and partnerships with more than 200 delivery platforms, users can enjoy the lunch of their choice, when they want it and where they want it (dine-in, delivery or take-out). In addition, Edenred deploys e-commerce portals facilitating the management of expenses by employees working remotely. The result? administrative simplicity, traceability of expenses and a wide choice of products (such as office and IT equipment).
  3. Responsible behaviors
    Through its innovative solutions, Edenred encourages consumption patterns that are more respectful of the environment. In Belgium, a 100% digital solution allows companies to allocate up to 250 euros per year to their employees to acquire environmentally friendly products and services.
    Edenred's Mobility Solutions also allow companies to encourage their employees to favor softer mobility solutions (urban micromobility or electric vehicle charging) in their journeys.
  4. Digital payment
    By constantly developing its digital payment services, for example via its dynamic open innovation ecosystem, the Group is now positioning itself as a cutting-edge Fintech.

Fostering financial inclusion

Edenred enables companies to effectively comply with regulations such as the obligation of traceability in terms of remuneration, including for poorly or unbanked populations.

Edenred United Arab Emirates makes it possible via a card and a mobile application. Thanks to them, 2 million unbanked or underbanked workers have access to financial services: regular and secure payment of their wages, cash withdrawals, in-store, online or mobile payment, international money transfers and access to a salary advance service if needed.

Alongside the most vulnerable

The great flexibility of the Group's platform allows it to set up its earmarked payment solutions in record time.

At the request of the UK Department for Education, Edenred developed a meals program for people hardest hit by the Covid-19 epidemic in the United Kingdom. It involved Edenred distributing funds in the form of digital vouchers for use in a network of partner food stores. Thanks to the program, 1.3 million children who no longer had access to a free canteen lunch due to school closures were guaranteed a midday meal each and every day.

In Romania, Edenred rolled out a digital payment solution across the country in just a few months, enabling 300,000 elderly people, often isolated in rural areas, to have hot meals delivered to their homes. This government program has also enabled 8,000 local merchants and restaurant owners to continue and even develop their activity during the lockdown.

Find out more on our innovations

  • Developing cutting-edge solutions

    Edenred develops more flexible, secure and efficient technological solutions for its customers and users.

  • Open innovation

    Edenred leverages its structured open innovation policy to explore ecosystems close to its core business.