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2021-2022 Integrated Report

Not unlike the Group, Edenred's 5th Integrated Report is offering a 100% digital experience.

"Enrich connections. For good.": Edenred’s purpose, unveiled in 2021, promises to create sustainable and profitable value and share it with stakeholders. In 2021, Edenred has worked to enrich connections throughout its ecosystem, always with an equal focus on performance and responsibility.

The 2022 Essential

Get to know and understand Edenred's business quickly: corporate profile, earmarked payments, digital solutions, responsible commitments, employer brand – it's all Edenred in a nutshell!

2021 Universal Registration Document

The Universal Registration Document contains detailed information on the business, strategy, financial situation, governance, CSR, shareholding, resolutions submitted at the General Meeting, and risk factors. Il also contains the annual financial report.

Charter of ethics

The charter presents the Group’s commitments in terms of ethics.

Handbook to preventing corruption

The purpose of this Handbook is to help Edenred employees and divisions abide by the anti-corruption principles adopted by the Group.

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