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2023-2024 Integrated Report

Available in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), Edenred's 7th Integrated Report is offering an enhanced, 100% digital experience.  By giving the floor to our stakeholders, this publications highlights the strong bond that unites us in building a sustainable future, day by day.

The 2024 Essential

Get to know and understand Edenred's business quickly: corporate profile, earmarked payments, digital solutions, responsible commitments, employer brand – it's all Edenred in a nutshell!

2023 Universal Registration Document

The Universal Registration Document contains detailed information on the business, strategy, financial situation, governance, CSR, shareholding, resolutions submitted at the General Meeting, and risk factors. Il also contains the annual financial report.

Documents related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The Charter of ethics presents the Group’s commitments in terms of ethics. It must be formally approved by every Edenred employee.

Promulgated in 2023, Edenred's Sustainable Procurement Policy aims at promoting sustainable purchasing practices that minimize environmental impacts, promote diversity and inclusion while respecting ethical principles and human rights following ISO 20400, Responsible Purchasing guidelines.

The Edenred Supplier charter defines standards of ethical practices, safe working conditions, fair and respectful treatment of collaborators and environmental responsibility that are to be applied throughout the Edenred entire supply chain.

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Sustainable Procurement Policy [PDF] 90 KB 90 KB
Supplier charter [PDF] 177 KB 198 KB 189 KB 191 KB 195 KB 211 KB 211 KB 187 KB

Handbook to preventing corruption

The purpose of this Handbook is to help Edenred employees and divisions abide by the anti-corruption principles adopted by the Group.

Handbook to comply with Anti-trust regulations

This guide is a part of the compliance program developed by Edenred and is designed to explain the major rules of competition law and set the dos and don'ts accordingly.

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