Our expertise: specific-purpose payments

Thanks to our platform and our technological expertise, we can pre-configure all aspects of a digital transaction – who, where, when and how much – with a high level of granularity. A world leader in specific-purpose payments, our solutions offer unrivaled traceability, reliability and security.

Edenred solutions thereby ensure that money allocated by an employer or the public authorities is spent exactly as intended and within the allotted time. For this reason, the funds are guaranteed to produce the virtuous effect they were designed to have, for example access to greener mobility options for users, increased revenue for partner restaurants, optimized fleet costs for companies and reduced incidences of fraud for governments.

What are specific-purpose payments?

Edenred's expertise – specific-purpose payments
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Backed by 60 years of expertise, Edenred is positioned at the crossroads of four complementary skills:

In particular, this expertise is being supported by the digital capabilities of its issuance, authorization and reimbursement technology platform for payments.

In this way, Edenred has integrated payment expertise into its vast ecosystem, which connects 60 million users and more than 2 million partner merchants via roughly 1 million corporate clients, with an unrivaled positioning in its three core markets.

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