More than Ever relief plan

In the context of the unprecedented health and economic crisis arising from the Covid-19 epidemic, Edenred committed as soon as April 2020 to its teams, partner merchants, clients and their employee users, establishing a specific relief plan, named More than Ever, designed to support the Group's extended ecosystem.

A concrete commitment

Funded by the 20% reduction in the 2019 dividend and the waiver by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of 25% of their compensation (as per the conditions laid out by French business association AFEP). More than Ever serves the following priorities:

  1. support partner merchants – restaurant owners first among them – who have been directly impacted by strict stay-at-home orders around the world;
  2. protect Edenred employees in countries with little or no healthcare coverage or social safety net;
  3. provide assistance for clients and users of Edenred products, for example truck drivers.
  4. and finally, support the medical research worldwide in the fight against Covid-19.

A wide range of projects

Since it was established, 70 initiatives on three continents have already been supported through the More than Ever relief plan.

In July 2021, Edenred notably announced its support for the Immunov Fund via the More than Ever plan. This French initiative is dedicated to research on inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, which result from the functioning of the immune system that turns against its own body. Since 2020, the Immunov Fund has been particularly committed to research on the immunology of Covid-19.

More than Ever relief plan