Edenred offers more than 90 programs enabling its customers in Europe, Latin America and the United States to efficiently manage their mobility, optimize their costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

As part of its Beyond22-25 strategic plan, Edenred aims to continue to extend its Beyond Fuel range of value-added services to become the global platform for greener corporate mobility.

Fuel, and beyond

Edenred's solutions offer companies numerous optimization levers for the entire management of their vehicle fleets:

Today, Edenred's services go well beyond fuel, by making it possible to more effectively manage various fleet-related expenses such as tolls, maintenance, roadside assistance, car washes, parking, and VAT recovery.

Discover Edenred's mobility solutions
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Leader in Latin America and innovator in the United States

Number 1 in the Latin American market, Edenred leverages its technological platform to develop solutions aimed at solving all inefficiencies for mobility managers and drivers.

In Brazil, Edenred thus proposes an extensive range of solutions for fleets of light and heavy vehicles (total authorized weight >3.5 metric tons). Users of Edenred solutions can notably manage all their vehicle-related expenses, such as the purchase of fuel or maintenance, in a large network of 36,000 partners throughout the country (service stations, workshops, car parks, etc.). In 2022, the Group strengthened its offer in electronic toll services thanks to the integration of Greenpass.

Various services based on artificial intelligence and data analysis, such as GoHub and the digital assistant TED, also allow mobility managers to constantly optimize their fleets and their costs.

The Repom subsidiary also develops prepaid cards and mobile payment solutions for self-employed truck drivers, which allow them to pay all expenses related to their activity (fuel, restaurants or tolls). In 2023, Repom combined their Brazilian freight payment assets with PagBem, strengthening Edenred’s market-leading offer and further leveraging scale on the market, serving more than 4,000 clients.

Since 2022, Edenred has extended its Fleet & Mobility Solutions offer to the North American market. In the United States, the Edenred Essentials card, developed with Visa, allows users to purchase fuel, charge electric vehicles and pay vehicle-related expenses.

An enhanced offer in Europe

Over the past few years, Edenred has accelerated its growth in Europe through several strategic acquisitions. The objective is to build an ever smoother experience for drivers and simplified management of all fleet parameters for their managers.

UTA Edenred, a major pan-European player, offers a range of high value-added solutions such as the UTA One next on-board unit, which enables electronic toll collection in 15 European countries, or the UTA SmartConnect telematics service, which allows real-time location tracking and routes for a fleet of vehicles. UTA Edenred also offers energy services; with UTA Edenred cards, customers can access more than 62,000 fuel stations in 36 countries and use an electric charging network with over 415,000 charging points in 33 countries.

In 2018, Edenred also entered the UK market with the acquisition of Right Fuel Card, the fourth-largest fuel card provider in the UK. In 2019, the Group also acquired EBV Finance in Lithuania, which specializes in tax recovery for European transport companies.

Move for Good: more virtuous mobility

In 2022, Edenred launched "Move for Good", a global sustainability program enabling its transport and mobility clients to mitigate their environmental impact, while promoting the preservation of biodiversity.

It is structured around 3 pillars:

  1. Measure and reduce emissions through the switch to less carbon-intensive mobility options (such as electric of bioethanol vehicles).
  2. Offset remaining emissions through third-party certified projects, such as avoided deforestation, or methane recovery.
  3. Raise awareness among our community with access to the best knowledge and resources.

Already operational in some European and Latin American countries, this program is deployed by Edenred globally.