Executive Committee

With 10 members, the Executive Committee is made up of both operational representatives from the Group's main business lines, and functional managers who provide expertise to support operations.

  • Jacques Adoue

    Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Emmanuelle Châtelain

    Vice President, Communications

  • Gilles Coccoli

    Chief Operating Officer, Payment Solutions & New Markets

  • Diane Coliche

    Chief Operating Officer, Mobility

  • Bertrand Dumazy

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred

  • Arnaud Erulin

    Chief Operating Officer, Benefits & Engagement

  • Constance Le Bouar

    Executive Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Transformation

  • Philippe Relland-Bernard

    Executive Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

  • Julien Tanguy

    Executive Vice President, Finance

  • Dave Ubachs

    Executive Vice President, Global Technology