Employee Benefits Solutions

Edenred proposes more than 100 programs for companies that wish to make life easier for their employees and improve their purchasing power in many areas: food, transport, health, training, personal services or purchase of ecological products.

For corporate clients, these benefits build employee loyalty by enhancing the in-kind portion of compensation policies.
They thus make it possible to significantly improve the purchasing power and well-being of employee users, who use them within a large network of partner merchants. These specific-purpose payment solutions (or earmarked payment, i.e. whose place, maximum amount and time are preconfigured) thus make it possible to guarantee an increase in turnover for certain types of merchants and to foster targeted economic recovery.

Encouraged by a favorable legislative framework in many countries, employee benefits allow public authorities to effectively implement social policies, boost economic attractiveness and fight against the informal economy.

A world leader in employee benefits, Edenred aims to consolidate its position in the framework of its Beyond22-25 strategic plan, and continue to enrich its Beyond Food solutions, notably through bolt-on acquisitions.

From the lunch break to the "2.0 canteen"

Deployed in more than 30 countries, Edenred's digital solutions for food improve the daily working life of millions of employees. They promote access to quality products and services that are better for health and for the environment. Digitized and tax-exempt, these solutions are in line with changing eating habits and directly increase the purchasing power of employees as well as the turnover of restaurant owners.

Thanks to their Edenred account, users are thus automatically credited each month and can pay to the nearest euro, in all affiliated establishments on site (contactless payment, or directly at the table, via a QR code) as well as on a many meal delivery platforms (online or in-app). They can thus freely enjoy the lunch break of their choice in the restaurant, at the office or while working remotely.

Edenred already offers 100% virtual meal vouchers in several countries. Usable directly on a smartphone, it offers the same functionalities as a payment card, only plastic-less.

The Edenred SuperApp

Engagement, well-being and responsibility

To strengthen their ties with their employees, companies can choose from a wide range of Edenred digital solutions in the field of well-being, going well beyond food.

To enable users to personalize their use according to their specific needs, the Group is currently developing employee engagement platforms in several countries. Based on dedicated e-commerce portals, employees can freely spend the sums allocated there or make purchases at preferential rates.

Taking care

Health, childcare, personal services, gifts, leisure, culture: Edenred's digital solutions offer their users access to a wide range of everyday goods and services, from major store chains to smaller independent shops. These solutions improve purchasing power and thus contribute to the personal work-life balance of employees, in a world of work where the boundary between the private and professional spheres can sometimes become blurred.

Edenred solutions are also good for the planet: in Belgium, Edenred offers a benefit dedicated to the exclusive purchase of eco-responsible products and services. Thanks to this solution, recognized at European level as a benchmark for promoting virtuous consumption, each euro spent reduces CO2 emissions by 1 kg compared to a standard purchase.

Getting around

In Europe or the United States, via a digital account and an Edenred mobile app, employees can benefit from the payment by their employer of their daily commuting expenses. This budget can be used in an extensive network of partners, such as public transport operators, carpooling services or self-service bicycle, scooter, or electric car rental applications.

By promoting access to these new forms of mobility encouraged by public authorities, Edenred contributes to more responsible behavior for daily fares, true to its purpose: "Enrich connections. For good."