Complementary Solutions

Edenred offers more than 60 programs in the area of ​​corporate payment, incentive and rewards solutions, and public social programs. In these sectors close to its core business, the Group responds ever more effectively to the varied needs of organizations and local authorities.

One of the axes of Edenred's Beyond22-25 strategic plan aims to develop Corporate Payment Services by targeting new business segments and expand the Group's offering along the value chain, Beyond Payment.

Streamlining corporate payments

Corporate Payment Services enable more efficient management of inter-company financial flows, traditionally made through checks or transfers.

Since 2017, Edenred has developed a diverse range of payment services aimed at companies, and responding to the growing need for automation and reduction of transaction-related costs. Operating in Europe and North America, the Group provides innovative solutions that meet the specific challenges of certain sectors.
For example, via its Edenred Pay platform, Edenred offers a cloud-based, complete and automated solution for accounts payable, thus contributing to the digitalization of this market. It has notably been chosen as a partner by renowned players such as Citi, Sage or Bank of the West. In Europe, services now include the issuance of virtual cards (via platform or API) and identified wire transfers.

A global specialist in earmarked payments, Edenred leverages the technological expertise of its Edenred Payment Solutions issuance and authorization platform, which processes large volumes of dematerialized transactions on its behalf. Edenred can permanently rely on its ability to issue virtual cards, manage digital accounts and execute bank transfers, as well as on its know-how in terms of regulations relating to payments. This capacity allows Edenred to provide its services to European players specializing in the field of deferred or split payment, such as Oney or Pledg.

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Recognizing employee performance

Incentive and rewards solutions meet the growing need of companies to retain and motivate their employees.

In Taiwan, Edenred has developed an innovative solution that allows companies to easily recognize the performance of their employees using 100% dematerialized vouchers (in the form of a QR code) and compatible with all mobile technologies on the market.

Distributed and activated in one click and completely secure, these vouchers can be used upon receipt in the store of the user's choice, in store or online.

Supporting financial inclusion

Edenred's salary card solutions also contribute to the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable employees. As in the United Arab Emirates, where 2 million unbanked or underbanked workers now have access to financial services: regular and secure payment of their wages (until then paid in cash), cash withdrawals, payment in stores, online or on mobile, international money transfers up to access to a salary advance service if needed.

Inclusion financière : aider les travailleurs migrants aux Émirats arabes unis à gérer leurs finances à l'heure du numérique

Alongside citizens and public authorities

In a context of budgetary rigor, governments and communities are looking for solutions that guarantee the effectiveness of their policies and the proper distribution of social assistance. Edenred then designs tailor-made secure solutions that provide citizens with purchasing power for a specific use. Guaranteeing the security, transparency and traceability of funds, these solutions cover many areas.

For example, from the start of the 2020 health crisis, governments were able to quickly take advantage of the Edenred platform to support the most vulnerable populations and merchants: distribution of food e-vouchers for the families of disadvantaged schoolchildren in the UK or students in France (when canteens were closed), or even digital payment solutions for the delivery of hot meals to isolated elderly people in Romania.

In the agricultural sector, the Agri Edenred digital earmarked payment solution guarantees the simple, fast and secure allocation of subsidies. In 2021, Cameroon was the 6th African country to deploy it to design and manage its agricultural input subsidy program (seeds, fertilizers). Major innovation: the e-voucher can be directly downloaded by the 600,000 beneficiary coffee and cocoa farmers through the Edenred Super App – an essential advantage in a country where the mobile penetration rate is 90%.

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