Fuel Merchants

Benefit from a wide range of different options that let you manage a variety of fuel card programs and enhance the development of your core business.

Our offering

  • Fuel card acceptance
  • Fuel card program outsourcing
  • Fuel card reselling

Fuel card acceptance

Accept our payment solutions, offer attractive discounts and be a part of our qualified network that allows you to grow your business and increase your customer base.

You also gain market visibility on our digital platforms that help you increase your brand awareness.

Fuel card program outsourcing

We can manage your fuel card program from technical to commercial services such as software and IT services, delivery and processing, sales and marketing, recovery and settlement or supplier and third-party management.

Fuel card reselling

You already have your own fuel card program?

We can resell your fuel card and manage for you:  sales and marketing, customer support and management, credit risk, billing, etc.


Business development

You achieve fuel and non-fuel sales growth. You reinforce brand awareness and customer loyalty


You reduce operational burden and refocus on core business

Cost management

You decrease your risks by accepting fuels cards, reducing liability & cash-based transactions and diminishing costs

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