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The Edenred Digital Center is Edenred’s new Digital hub in Romania for strategic IT projects. The Group will base there its best teams developing the global platforms and solutions that make Edenred the leading companion for the working world. 


The teams in the Edenred Digital Center will work with colleagues in business and IT to provide leading IT knowledge and skills driving the Group’s business worldwide. 


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Who is Edenred?

Edenred, is the everyday companion for people at work, a growing company represented by some 50 million employee users, 2 million partner merchants and more than 850,000 corporate clients.

Its solutions and digital transformation open up new vistas every day. Edenred takes special care to provide a work environment where each employee can flourish freely and find all the support needed to take action and grasp opportunities.

What is the Edenred Digital Center?

Edenred Digital Center LogoThe Edenred Digital Center will be the place where Edenred IT teams will develop new solutions and platforms for the various business units across the world. It will work on projects like Mobile Applications for millions of worldwide users, building one mobile ‘’best in class’’ global application for digital payments. 
The Group has high expectations of the strategic role of the Edenred Digital Center, seeing it as a source of technology innovation, business value and IT leadership.

It’s an exciting place to work for people who truly have digital in their blood.

Why has the Group chosen Romania for its IT powerhouse?

Edenred has a strong presence in Romania, since 1998, so the country’s exceptional pool of IT talent is well-known by the Group. 

Additionally, Edenred Romania is recognized as a great place to work: it has been awarded the “Best Employer” recognition every year since it started participating in the survey in 2015. Our Romanian business has consistently been one of the best performers in the Group’s network of 46 countries and has built best practices in business and innovation, so the Edenred Group is a strong believer in Romania’s passion for excellence and capability to drive innovation.

What profiles is the Edenred Digital Center seeking to attract?

Edenred hopes to attract the best and brightest minds in IT in Bucharest! They will have exposure to global cultures and teams and will be working with the newest technologies: Microsoft Azure, .NET Core, Xamarin, etc. 

Edenred aims to build out the Center to hundreds of IT roles in the coming years.

The Edenred Digital Center is currently hiring: Mobile Tech Leads, Senior and junior developers, Build Release Managers, Cloud Operations Analysts, Level 3 IT Experts for Exchange & Office365, Oracle & Linux, Infrastructure Security Engineers.

In short, people who can and will help shape the future of Edenred’s business. 

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Our values

Passion for customers, Respect, Imagination, Simplicity, Entrepreneurial spirit: the Edenred values express the personality and founding characteristics of the Group that extend beyond brands, activities and cultures. Learn all about them.


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