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The Edenred Class40

A monohull where form meets function

The Class40 monohull category, which dates back to 2005, has successfully risen to the challenge of offering a high-performance, robust and accessible boat that allows professional sailors and experienced amateurs alike to fulfill their dream of sailing on the open water. Launched in 2021, the Edenred Class40 is a latest-generation sailboat ready to take on any challenge.

“This new boat makes insane accelerations. On the reach, it's a rocket. We are closer to the speeds of an Imoca than to those of the old generation of Class40s. Life on board is also much more difficult, it is even sometimes violent. This boat has incredible possibilities; the smallest adjustment can make the difference.”

Emmanuel Le Roch
Skipper of the Edenred Class40

“I’m happy because I get out onto the sea every day."

“On a transatlantic crossing, you have to keep fit for the long haul, while keeping up strength for short but intense bursts of activity, like changing the sails.”

“Being at the starting line in Saint-Malo will already be part of my dream come true. It’s not about winning, it’s just about getting there."

"On land, I love having company, but at sea, I need to be in symbiosis with my boat, to create a little routine for myself on board. I don’t like being confined to one job!”


  • Name: Edenred
  • Number: 165
  • Model: Mach 40.4
  • Architect: Sam Manuard
  • Shipyard: JPS Production
  • Year launched: 2021

The Edenred boat was designed by Jean-Baptiste Epron.

The Edenred Class40 key figures

115 m²

Sail area upwind


265 m²

Sail area downwind

12.18 m


4.5 m



28 knots

Top speed