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Edenred, 7th in the Transat Jacques Vabre in the Class40 category

Edenred Class40 skippers Emmanuel Le Roch and Pierre Quiroga crossed the finish line in the 15th Transat Jacques Vabre in Martinque on Monday, November 29, in 7th. The Edenred duo, who were among the race’s leading teams, took 22 days, 03 hours, 07 minutes and 53 seconds to cover the 4,600 theoretical miles from Le Havre. This first transatlantic race has been a success for the Edenred team, whose Class40 sailboat was launched just last June. . (Crédit photo : Jean-Marie Liot – Alea)

Edenred DreamTeam - A look back at 2021

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The Edenred Dream Team
Three men and a boat

Knowing smiles, shared desire, mutual respect: just a few minutes spent in the company of Emmanuel, Basile and Peyo is enough to see the strong bond they enjoy. They share a passion for competitive sport, travel, meeting people, offshore sailing and, most importantly, speed!

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The Edenred Classe Mini
6.50 meters of pure energy

The Classe Mini brings together racing monohulls (prototypes or standard) whose length does not exceed 6.50 meters. Since the summer 2020, Basile Bourgnon is at the helm of a Classe Mini sailboat flying the Edenred colors, 'little brother' of the Class40 category in which he had completed the Transat Jacques Vabre alongside Emmanuel Le Roch. The aim of the young and ambitious skipper: a busy racing program to gain as much experience as possible.

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