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Progress: create value responsibly

Edenred is committed to creating value by developing its activities and partnerships in an ethical manner throughout its value chain. The company aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and involve them in its shift-to-digital, while ensuring IT security and data protection.

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Ethical development of activities and partnerships  

Edenred's Ethical Charter outlines the standards of behavior expected within the company. It applies to all Group employees and suppliers.

Thirteen topics are addressed, including the protection of company assets, IT security, protection of personal data, respect for competition and the fight against discrimination.




Ensure IT security and data protection Ensure IT security and data protection

As an employer and service provider, Edenred is subject to personal data protection rules that protect the identity, privacy and freedoms of individuals. Edenred has therefore put in place an organizational structure, tools, and a series of processes to provide training, support and expertise to operating units. This policy is widely disseminated within the Group, and is based, in particular, on the principle of respect for privacy.

Group-level management advises and assists General Management in defining Edenred's IT security policy. It identifies, organizes, coordinates and leads security programs, prevention programs and corrective measures in all of the Group’s host countries.

Involve the group's stakeholders in Edenred's digital transformation Involve the group's stakeholders in Edenred's digital transformation

Edenred seeks to promote financial, technological and social inclusion through its services and solutions. In particular, Edenred France has developed the Elioz Connect platform dedicated to making customer service available to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Its implementation was supplemented by training with the Group's account managers.

The Group also creates digital solutions that improve the daily lives of low-paid workers. In the UAE, more than 500,000 low-paid employees receive their monthly balance on a C3 payroll card.

When connected to the C3 mobile application, it offers financial services that were not previously available to workers without bank accounts (real-time balances, records of transactions, mobile recharges…) which provides them security and flexibility in the utilization of their salary.

Edenred's goal is still to offer the best level of service to its clients and users. The Group's commitment in this area has been recognized by several awards: Edenred was named Customer Service of the Year 2018 in France and in Spain, as well as receiving the Emerging Payments Award for Prepay Solutions.

Finally, the Group supports its subsidiaries in quality management. In 2017, 16 countries have been ISO 9001-certified.

Long-term Group’s commitments
  2017 2022 2030
ETHICS - % acknowledgment employees to Ethics Charter 83% 100% WMEC*
DATA PROTECTION - % subsidiaries under common standard of compliance & employees sensitized on personal data issues 100% European subsidiaires (2018) 100% Group subsidiaires Binding Corporate Rules & certification
QUALITY - % of subsidiaries quality management certified** 39% 50% 85%


*WMEC = World Most Ethical Companies.
**Quality management certification such as ISO 9001.


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