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Progress: create value responsibly

Edenred is committed to creating value by developing its activities and partnerships in an ethical manner throughout its value chain. The company aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and involve them in its shift-to-digital, while ensuring IT security and data protection.

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Ethical development of activities and partnerships  Ethics

Edenred's charter of ethics outlines the standards of behavior expected within the company. It applies to all Group employees and suppliers.

Several topics are addressed, including the protection of company assets, IT security, protection of personal data, respect for competition, human rights, as well as environment and the development of local communities.

By end-2021, a total of 99% of employees had approved the charter and the majority of subsidiaries had introduced a clause requiring work contracts to comply with the charter.

Through its tax policy, Edenred pledges to comply with transparency requirements and with its obligations to report and pay taxes, in accordance with the applicable laws of the countries in which it operates and with international tax standards and treaties.

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Ensuring IT security and data protection IT security & data protection

As an employer and service provider, Edenred is subject to personal data protection rules that protect the identity, privacy and freedoms of individuals. Edenred has therefore put in place an organizational structure, tools, and a series of processes to provide training, support and expertise to operating units. This policy is widely disseminated within the Group, and is based, in particular, on the principle of respect for privacy. The priority issues it deals with are IT security as well as the protection of personal data.

Group-level management advises and assists General Management in defining Edenred's IT security policy. It identifies, organizes, coordinates and leads security programs, prevention programs and corrective measures in all of the Group’s host countries.

Involving the group's stakeholders in Edenred's digital transformation Digital transformation

Edenred seeks to promote financial, technological and social inclusion to the greatest number of people through its services and solutions. Hence, the Group utilizes its digital transformation as a tool to meet its stakeholders’ needs.

Edenred France developed a platform dedicated to making customer service available to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Its implementation was supplemented by training with the Group's account managers.

The Group also creates digital solutions that improve the daily lives of low-paid workers. In the UAE, more than 1.5 million low-paid employees receive their monthly balance on a C3Pay payroll card.

When connected to the C3Pay mobile application, it offers financial services that were not previously available to workers without bank accounts (real-time balances, records of transactions, mobile recharges…) which provides them security and flexibility in the utilization of their salary.

Edenred's goal is still to offer the best level of service to its clients and users. For example, Edenred France was named Customer Service of the Year 2021, along with Edenred Spain, also named for the fourth time in a row.

Edenred also carries out local satisfaction surveys as a means to evaluate the quality of the services it offers to its stakeholders.

Finally, the Group supports its subsidiaries in quality management. To date, 14 subsidiaries hold certifications such as ISO 9001.


Promoting sustainable foodSustainable food

Edenred helps companies take care of the health of their employees by encouraging good practices relating to healthy eating, exercise and well-being.

In Brazil, Ticket Fit is an accessible app providing a social network, dietary advice, discount coupons, training videos and other features that encourage regular physical activity.

Initiated in 2009 by Edenred, the European FOOD program (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) is a public-private consortium aimed to provide answers to the growing problem of obesity. The program brings together public authorities, nutritionists, university researchers and several Group subsidiaries to improve the nutritional quality of meals offered to employees during their lunch break.

Since 2005, the Nutritional Balance program has been deployed to promote healthy eating habits, by enabling Ticket Restaurant employee users to easily identify menu items at partner restaurants that meet the criteria of a varied and balanced diet. Represented by the “Gustino” mascot, the program was developed in partnership with expert nutritionists, local public partners and restaurant industry representatives, whose involvement ensures the initiative’s validity. The program is active in Edenred’s Latin American host countries, notably Chile.


    Long-term Group’s commitments
      2017 2022 2030
    DATA PROTECTION • % subsidiaries under common standard of compliance & % employees sensitized on personal data issues 100%
    European subsidiaries
    Group subsidiaries
    Corporate rules
    & certifications
    QUALITY • % of subsidiaries certified for quality management** 41% 50% 85%
    ETHICS • % acknowledgment employees to charter of ethics 84% 100% WMEC*
    SUSTAINABLE FOOD • % Food users & merchants sensitized to balanced nutrition and food waste 29% 52% 85%


    * WMEC = World's Most Ethical Companies.
    ** Quality management certification such as ISO 9001.


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