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People: improve quality of life

One of Edenred's missions is to improve the quality of life of its stakeholders with the following three ambitions: to be an employer of choice, to promote well-being through healthy eating practices, and to contribute to local development.

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To be an employer of choice

Edenred seeks to support its employees throughout their professional lives. 

Among its initiatives, the Edenstep graduate program gives young graduates two years of access to positions of responsibility in an international environment.

Bringing together some 20 employees with 5-10 years of professional experience, Talent Week aims to develop the Group's young talents.

The Edenred Executive Academy is a program for more experienced employees. Those with high potential can pave the way for their future career progression by working on various topics such as leadership, business development and personal development.


Finally, the Best place to work initiative allows Edenred to evaluate the satisfaction of its employees, almost 90% of whom work in an environment involved in a certification process.


Edenred is a multi-local company, and proud of its multiculturalism. The Group is aware that the diversity of its employees brings strength and richness, while reflecting the diversity of its clients.

Finally, Edenred is committed to promoting its core values in respect for human rights, labor regulations and good environmental practices, as evidenced by its signing of the United Nations Global Compact.


To promote well-being through healthy and sustainable nutrition To promote well-being through healthy and sustainable nutrition 

Edenred helps companies take care of the health of their employees by encouraging good practices relating to healthy eating, exercise and well-being.

Edenred has also developed a new program in the United States, where the obesity rate is high. The aim is to encourage employees to eat healthily and to reduce health costs related to obesity. The NutriSavings program analyzes the nutritional quality of employees’ shopping and offers them rewards or reductions if they buy healthy products.

In Brazil, Ticket Fit is an accessible app providing a social network, dietary advice, discount coupons, training videos and other features that encourage regular physical activity.

Initiated in 2009 by Edenred, the European FOOD program (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) is a public-private consortium aimed to provide answers to the growing problem of obesity. The program brings together public authorities, nutritionists, university researchers and nine Group subsidiaries to improve the nutritional quality of meals offered to employees during their lunch break.

#LetsTalkFood is an interactive discussion on eating habits at work led by Bertrand Dumazy (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred), Nathalie Renaudin (Coordinator of the FOOD program) and Sylvie Dejardin (nutritionist).


Contribute to local development Contribute to local development

Edenred carries out solidarity projects such as Idealday, its international day for local communities. In 2019, 8,500 employees took part in 46 countries.

For example, Edenred Chile employees have built a sustainable garden in a center for disadvantaged children. In France, employees have encouraged Parisian merchants to specify the accessibility of their restaurant or food service outlet in the Jaccede app, which allows disabled people to identify places that meet their needs. Edenred Lebanon employees, assisted by merchants and corporate clients, have served meals and collect clothes for homeless people and refugees. Edenred Taiwan has invited its employees, merchant partners and corporate clients to plant trees.
The Group's commitment is also reflected in the connected Edenraid sports challenge for the Make-A-Wish® association, since 2017. In 2018, over a two-month period, 2,353 employees in 41 countries ran, walked, cycled or swam a total of 327,478 km to make some seriously ill children's dreams come true.

In Brazil, Ticket Log supports young people between the ages of 16-19 in difficult circumstances via its Pescar project, which offers daily courses that provide them with professional training. More than 120 young volunteers have been trained since 2009.

For 14 years, Edenred France has been supporting actions dedicated to French Red Cross food aid, notably by offering "Ticket Restaurant" (restaurant coupon) holders the opportunity to donate their vouchers throughout the year.  In 2017, the operation raised around 700,000 euros, and more than 3.5 million euros have been donated to the association since 2002.

Techo, an NGO partner of Edenred Mexico for 10 years, builds houses for families living in extreme poverty. Thanks to the support of Edenred Mexico, 70 families have benefited from a new home, and 13,000 hours of volunteering have been carried out by nearly 600 employees.


Long-term Group’s commitments
  2017 2022 2030
TRAINING - % employees who received at least 1 learning/year 78% 80% 85%
DIVERSITY - % women among executive positions 21% 25% 40%
SOLIDARITY - Number of days of volunteering     586 days 1,000 days 5,000 days
NUTRITION - % Food users & merchants sensitized 29% 50% 85%


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