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Ideal green, protecting The Environment

Edenred intends to reduce the environmental impact of its everyday activities, both in office work, production activities and the solutions it develops.

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Environmental management Environmental management

An Environmental Management System* (EMS) is an internal mode of organization that makes it possible to structure an ongoing improvement approach aiming to reduce an entity's environmental impacts.  

Edenred has introduced an environmental management system based on the principles of the ISO 14001 standard**. 
** ISO 14001  is the most commonly used standard in the ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards. It relies on the principle of continuously improving environmental performance by controlling the impacts of a company's activity. 

A report consolidates this approach adopted by all Group subsidiaries. It isbased on sometwentyindicatorscovering: 

  • water consumption; 
  • energyconsumption; 
  • paperconsumption; 
  • plastic consumption; 
  • wasteproduction; 
  • greenhousegasemissions.


48% of employees work in a subsidiary with an environmental certification

The Group's French, Brazilian and English subsidiaries have received ISO 14001 certification, which they renew for a maximum period of three years. 

Mexico and the Czech Republic have respectively earned the local EmpresaSocialmente Responsible (ESR) and EKO-KOM environmental certifications. 


We integrate an environmental approach in the design of our products.

Patrick Langlois, Regional Director, Northern Europe

Eco-designing our solutions Eco-designing our solutions

The eco-design of a solution is an approach that takes environmental impacts into account in all stages of a product's life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to end-of-life handling. 
At Edenred, eco-design applies in particular to the production and recycling of the Group's service vouchers that are issued on paper or plastic cards.

There are currently 15 subsidiaries that produce their paper vouchers with recycled or FSC®* (responsibly sourced paper.) The vast majority of paper vouchers collected at end of cycle are also recycled by Edenred or a subcontractor. 

Moreover, at a time when nearly 70% of the company's vouchers are available in card format, Edenred is assessing the impact of the plastic in these cards and is studying viable solutions to offer even more responsible formats in the future.

*Forest Stewardship Council®


Carbon footprint

In order to improve the impact of the Group's activities all throughout the supply chain, its two main subsidiaries (Edenred Brazil and Edenred France) have each appointed independent experts to undertake a carbon footprint. These studies have made it possible to step up the action plans already in place thanks to the environmental management system. 

In France for example, the use of 100 % recycled paper has enabled the subsidiary to reach over 50% of its target for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Eco-friendly solutions Eco-friendly solutions

The Group's subsidiaries develop additional services supplementing their local solutions in order to support the environmental protection initiatives of their clients and affiliated merchants. 

France: ECO Pressing program

Edenred's ECO Pressing program provides all French dry cleaners with a guide to good practices and an environmental charter explaining the main applicable legal requirements.

Visit the ECO Pressing site (in French)

Brazil and Mexico: Ticket Car Carbon Control

Ticket Car Carbon Control gives corporate clients detailed and accurate information about the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their vehicles.

Belgium: Ticket EcoCheque

Ticket EcoCheque helps employees purchase environmentally friendly products and services thanks to a contribution from the State. An exhaustive list of these goods and services has been drawn up by the National Labor Council.

Visit the Ticket Ecocheque site (in French)

United Kingdom: Cycle to work

Under the Cycle to Work scheme, employers that subsidize the purchase of bicycles for their employees benefit from tax deductions.

Visit the Cycle to Work site


Journée de la terre : Ideal green day Ideal green day

Every year on the occasion of the International Earth Day on April 22, Edenred goes green to heighten employee awareness about environmental protection.


In 2013, 27 Group countries organized fun and ecological activities such as broadcasting films, organizing quizzes, planting…

See the initiatives


The 2014 edition of Ideal green Day brought together 2,892 employees from 25 countries on the issue of the "war on waste", via three drivers: recycling, reuse, and reducing consumption. 

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In 2015, 27 countries raised the awareness of their employees concerning "Green IT" to promote eco-friendly use of information technologies. The actions undertaken had a twofold purpose: reducing the environmental impact of IT (Green for IT) and improving the Group's environmental performance via new technologies (IT for Green). 

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As of 2016, group countries are free to organize a day dedicated to the environment on the subject of their choice.