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Ideal care, supporting local communities

Edenred has sustainable relations with local communities by supporting solidarity projects around the world.

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Edenred's commitment to solidarity is reflected in skills support and solidarity actions organized by employees


The Group's external stakeholders are also involved in these food aid, educational and return-to-work projects. Employees support this commitment in particular on the Group's annual solidarity day entitled Ideal care Day.


Local initiatives  Local initiatives

A wide range of initiatives are carried out by subsidiaries all year round in partnership with local associations.

Venezuela: "Magic Noses"

As part of the "Narices Mágicas" (Magic Noses) volunteer program, the subsidiary's employees donate their time to bring relief to patients in local hospitals using laughter. Within a four-year period, approximately a hundred employees have been trained in clowning to visit hospitals, foundations and homes.

They have made over 6,000 children and senior citizens laugh. This therapeutic approach has been recognized for its effectiveness.

Head office (France): "Campus Probono"

In 2014 and 2015, employees from the head office took part in "Campus Probono", a project mobilizing the skills of employee volunteers to help associations with functional challenges such as communication and human resources.
In 2015, Edenred has supported the associations Clown Z'hôpitaux andBlue Energy.
These skills support days are organized with the participation of students on their campuses, in order to promote diversity and provide associations with the best possible assistance. 

Mexico: "A roof for my country"

Edenred supports the association "A roof for my country" (Un techo para mi pais) which builds homes for underprivileged families. In 2015, employee volunteers have donated 918 hours of their time. 357 employees have worked alongside the association's volunteers to build homes.


Solidarity Day: Ideal Care Day  Solidarity Day

Each year, on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December, Edenred organizes an international day called "Eden for all” to mobilize its employees. For this occasion, employees are encouraged to make a donation to a partner association or NGO, or give up some of their time to develop or support a project.


Organized in 28 countries, 3,952 employees answered present for the 2013 edition to show their social commitment and solidarity: donations of clothes (6 collections), toys (10 collections), food (11 collections) or money (19 collections), as well as 11 activities such as cha cha dance lessons with disabled persons (Portugal), or building homes for families in need (Mexico). In all 40 associations received support.



Organized in 29 countries, the 2014 edition mobilized 2,628 employees throughout the world who were willing to show their social commitment and solidarity for three main causes: child support, health, and food aid. 
Key figures: more than 400 gifts to bring a little joy to children at Christmas, 21 boxes of gifts distributed in 13 countries; 1,500 kg of food distributed; 41 boxes of clothes to help persons in need get through the winter; more than €48,000 in donations.


For the 2015 edition, in addition to local initiatives, employees took part in an internal challenge via the Intranet to choose the project backed by the Group in three categories: reforestation, combating child obesity, and support for social entrepreneurs.  After nine days of online voting, the project of the Reforest’Action NGO was chosen, and received a donation proportionate to the number of employee votes received. 
The 35 participant countries donated €140,000, some 3,000 gifts for children in need, and more than 29,000 kg of food.



As of 2016, group countries are free to organize a day dedicated to solidarity on the subject of their choice, in line with the local context.