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Ideal meal, promoting healthy nutrition

Edenred, which invented the Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Alimentación​ solutions, plays a pivotal role in relations between restaurant owners, employees and companies, and can act in concrete terms to facilitate healthier eating choices.

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In this context, for the past 10 years, the Group has been promoting balanced nutrition and has been involved in combating obesity through various actions.


National and transnational programsNational and transnational programs

Ideal meal is broken down into various local and regional initiatives supported by the Group, which brings them all together to make them more effective and promote the sharing of methods and best practices.

For example, for several years, the FOOD, Nutritional Balance and AVANTE programs have been promoting healthy nutrition to thousands of Edenred's employees and external stakeholders.

Food in Europe

The program entitled "FOOD" (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) encourages employees to choose healthy foods and motivates restaurants to offer balanced meals at lunch time.
It is led by a partnership between public health authorities, nutritionists, universities and nine European Edenred subsidiaries (France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia).

The team in charge of the program issues nutritional recommendations tailored to local eating habits and shares them with companies and restaurants in Europe thanks to Edenred's preferred networks.
An annual European barometer assesses the program's effectiveness in addition to eating habits and the expectations of employees and restaurant owners in terms of healthy nutrition. 

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Local initiatives​

In 2013, Edenred Portugal, in collaboration with the country's Ministry of Health, published a book entitled Intelligent Eating. It features recipes and advice on how to buy, prepare, cook and store food, in a difficult economic context. 

In Spain and the Czech Republic, Edenred's teams organized a competition to vote on restaurants with the best balanced meal options. It was an initiative that showcased these professionals and referred consumers to them.

Barometer key figures

  • Almost ¾ of surveyed employees take a lunch break every day (stable since 2012).
  • 69% of restaurants think customers care about having healthy meal options.
  • +20%: observed increase in sales of balanced meals in 2014

Nutritional Balance in Latin America

The "Nutritional Balance" program, developed in partnership with nutritionists, public partners and restaurant industry representatives, is intended to help Ticket Restaurant® users easily identify dishes on the menus of partner restaurants that meet the criteria of a varied and balanced diet thanks to a mascot, Gustino. The program is currently active in Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay.

In Chile, Ticket Restaurant® users have free access to an online nutritional assessment site, awareness-raising workshops and a blog to chat with a dietitian. Additional pay services (cooking classes, measurement of indicators, etc.) can also be offered.
In Uruguay, the "Nutritional Balance" program celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2014. All stakeholders benefit from targeted initiatives: training for employees, cooking classes for corporate clients, campaigns for merchants and partnerships organized with public authorities.

AVANTE in Brazil

The AVANTE program also promotes healthier eating habits through coaching and awareness-raising actions aimed at all of the subsidiary's stakeholders:

  • for employees: a coaching program led by a team of health professionals on quality of life, health and disease prevention;
  • for corporate clients: working groups, the establishment of nutritional profiles for their employees and communication tools;
  • for users: a dedicated site featuring advice, recipes and other tools encouraging balanced nutrition; 
  • for partner merchants: classes and advice to provide their customers with healthier food.

Food day: Ideal meal Day Food day

To celebrate the upcoming World Food Day on October 16, each Edenred subsidiary is invited to encourage the adoption of a balanced diet among its employees and, in some cases, its corporate clients, its partner merchants and its employee users. This annual event has been dubbed Ideal meal Day.


For the first edition of Ideal meal Day, each participant country was invited to give its “ideal” recipe. 33 recipes were subsequently compiled in a recipe book, available in four languages.

See the recipe book 


For the 2014 edition of Ideal meal Day, a competition called “Share your #idealmeal”, available to all, was organized on Twitter: participants were asked to post a picture of their ideal meal on the social network, and were able to benefit from nutritional advice via the @IdealEdenred account. The best three suggestions in each of the competition's three categories (gourmet, attractive and surprising) won a cooking tablet, a gourmet dinner for two, or a cooking class for two.

See the results of the competition


Edenred organized a completely new experience for the competition's third edition: an online cooking class, live and on replay, followed by employees in 27 Group countries who all prepared the same healthy, balanced recipe suggested by chef Cathleen Clarity from the Atelier des Chefs.

Discover the recipe on video


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