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Employee Benefits

Edenred, the inventor of Ticket Restaurant® and a world leader in employee benefits, offers solutions for companies wishing to make life easier for their employees and improve their purchasing power in a number of areas, including meals, food, transportation, healthcare, training, human services, purchases of environmentally-friendly products, and so on.

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Encouraged by a favorable legislative framework in many countries, employee benefits allow public authorities to effectively implement social policies, boost economic attractiveness and fight against the informal economy.

For companies, these benefits promote employee loyalty by maximizing the in-kind portion of human resources policies. 

For employees, they offer additional purchasing power when used within a network of Edenred merchants.

For their part, these merchants have access to a pool of qualified consumers who provide them with additional revenue.


Employee benefits - Meal and food  Meal and food

Ticket Restaurant®

Ticket Restaurant®, Edenred's flagship solution launched in 1962 in the French market, allows employees to purchase meals at the partner establishment of their choice. It is a fundamental tool in the corporate landscape which has been updated and adapted to the economic, social and political contexts in the more than 30 countries in which it is currently used. By switching from paper to card format, Edenred's Ticket Restaurant® solution is becoming a tool that allows users, companies and merchants to share and communicate about their needs and interests. New services are being added, such as mobile applications and dedicated websites (geolocation of restaurants, real-time balance tracking, benefit and discount clubs, etc.). The only issuer that allows users to pay for lunch via their mobile phone in some 20 countries.

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Ticket Alimentación

Developed in emerging markets, Ticket Alimentación can be used by employees' families to pay for groceries in supermarkets and neighborhood stores.

Learn more about Ticket Alimentacíon in Brazil



The aim of NutriSavings, an online platform launched in the United States in 2012, is to better inform employees about the nutritional quality of their purchases and encourage them to eat a balanced diet thanks to a rewards system. Another benefit is a reduction in healthcare costs paid by US companies.

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Employee benefits - Quality of life  Quality of life

Edenred offers a wide range of solutions that meet employees' work-related needs, such as childcare, human services, access to transportation and access to cultural goods and services. Some examples:

Childcare Vouchers

With Childcare Vouchers, created in the United Kingdom, employers help employees reduce childcare costs during work time by offering them financial assistance.

Learn about Childcare Vouchers

Ticket Cultura 

Launched in Brazil in 2013 and based on the Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Alimentación model, Ticket Cultura broadens employees’ access to culture by helping them buy books, theater and concert tickets, movie tickets, and more.

Learn more about Ticket Cultura

Ticket Plus Card

In 2012, Edenred launched Ticket Plus Card in the German market, which is used to purchase essential goods such as food and gas.

Learn about Ticket Plus Card

Commuter Check

Offered in the United States, Commuter Check allows companies to defray some of their employees' transportation costs.

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