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Edenred is a pioneer. From the invention of the Ticket Restaurant program in the 1960s, to the millions of transactions by smartphone in 2020, the Group has never stopped renewing its offer and has always stayed one step ahead of the practices in the workplace.

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At Edenred, innovation rhymes with imagination. Imagination that is fueled by constantly listening to all our clients, from companies and partner merchants, to the employees who use the Group’s programs. Imagination that we share by encouraging Edenred’s employees to become entrepreneurs.

Imagination that is nourished by keeping an open mind about trends in transactions and digital technology, in particular by offering strong support to start-ups. Finally, Edenred works hand in hand with leading players in technology, for example by developing a mobile payment offer with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or its own solution.

No limit to imagination

The Ticket Restaurant voucher is no longer the same; digital solutions are now omnipresent within the Edenred ecosystem: solutions on electronic cards, mobile applications or web platforms.

Edenred's digital solutions


Innovation brings unprecedented value-added services to life  Value-added services

Edenred’s possibilities to help its clients are infinite, but they all have one thing in common: building up a connected network and value-added solutions based on reliable transactions. Edenred addressed the absence of payment terminals in restaurants in the Czech

Republic by developing an application to pay for meals directly on a smartphone. The Group also digitalized millions of paper gift vouchers in record time in Taiwan by developing the Ticket Xpress e-vouchers, accepted by more than 10,000 merchants. Edenred also enables companies to effectively abide by the regulations, such as the obligation for traceability of salaries. This is what C3Pay, Edenred’s solution in the United Arab Emirates, does with its card and a mobile application in partnership with RakBank.

Key figures

  • Transactions by smartphone managed by Edenred more than doubled in 2021 (vs 2020)
  • Close to €30 billion in business volume managed in 2020, 90% of which is digital
  • 22 Edenred countries offer a mobile payment solution


The power of a world leader, the agility of a start-up  Open innovation

Edenred can constantly invent new products and services by adopting a structured open innovation policy.

Supporting projects that create value

In 2011, the Group teamed up with the Partech Ventures investment fund to support young and growing companies, by making total investments of €25 million. In 2017, the Group also invested in the Partech Africa fund in order to explore the African market, where mobile payment and e-trade are booming.

Making young companies grow

In 2012, Edenred lauched Edenred Capital Partners, the Group’s own capital investment fund. With a view to acquiring minority interests, usually with other funds, in innovative projects related to the Group’s activities and with a strong potential for growth. In France, Edenred Capital Partners has invested in La Compagnie des Cartes Carburant, Lucky Cart, ProwebCE, Zenchef, Andjaro and AddWorking, in LaunchPad Recruits and Beamery in the United Kingdom and in Candex in the United States.

Revealing entrepreneurial talent

The Edenred Factory international entrepreneurial program encourages Group employees to launch their start-up projects related to Edenred’s two main activities, Employee Benefits and Fleet & Mobility Solutions. This incubation enables the intrapreneurs to work full time on their project, while receiving support from Edenred’s experts and a consulting company in digital technology. And they can even deploy their projects in the Group or benefit from an excubation in the form of an independent unit.

Edenred Mexique


PPS: an important technological asset  PPS: an important technological asset

PrePay Solutions, an Edenred companyWith more than 150 million cards managed , this European leading provider of card issue and management solutions, jointly owned by Edenred and MasterCard, enables the Group to anticipate and test new payment technologies.
PPS (formerly PrePay Solutions) provides the technological building blocks that are used to design Edenred’s own programs, but also those of its external customers in retailing and fintech.
A significant advantage when it comes to launching programs in record time.

Discover PrePay Solutions' website


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