Is your company a travel agency?

You need bank cards to guarantee and pay for a large portion of your strategic purchases, such as hotels, car rentals and airline tickets. The use of physical cards exposes you to the risk of fraud and makes managing payments complex (approval process, payment limits, etc.). Creating virtual cards via the Edenred Corporate Payment portal can simplify and secure your payments.


Edenred adopted a flexible, agile approach to address the specific needs of our business” Mathieu Nanni, COO of Voyage Reduc.


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Is your company a large corporation?

To pay for non-production purchases, which mainly correspond to business overheads, most companies use purchasing cards and business or personal bank cards. This increases the time and effort needed to process employees’ expense claims and often requires them to advance funds on the company’s behalf. By giving your employees personalised access to the Edenred Corporate Payment virtual card portal, you can significantly reduce the time spent dealing with these transactions.


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Is your company a fintech looking for a card issuer?

We’re assisting a number of fintechs with specific projects and customised programmes that make use of our virtual card API. We work by their side at every stage of the implementation process – solution design, technical deployment, test analysis and production launch – and continue to provide support over the long term.


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Our partnership with Jumia

Specialised in optimising the procurement of hotel services, this company manages hundreds of bookings worldwide every day. It therefore needed a fully integrated solution to guarantee and pay for hotel rooms, to save travellers from having to advance funds. By integrating Edenred’s virtual card solution with its reservation system, Jumia has streamlined the user experience, optimised its costs and simplified its accounting processes.


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Is your company a media agency?

PGR Media, an agency that manages Google and Facebook ad campaigns for its clients, was having major difficulties processing supplier invoices. They tried switching to a traditional bank card payment system, but soon realised that the reconciliation process was still tricky and time-consuming. Following the implementation of the CSI PaySystems platform, PGR Media now generates a ghost card for each end client, which it records in Google and Facebook’s invoicing systems. The solution has enabled PGR Media to significantly enhance efficiency and drastically reduce the risk of errors.


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Is your company a hotel operator?

Like many companies, luxury hotel group Fairmont had extremely manual – and therefore costly – supplier payments processes. With personalised support from CSI, Fairmont discovered that 50% of its supplier base accepted payments via virtual cards, generated automatically by the CSI platform. Aware of the card’s acceptance cost, these suppliers were nonetheless won over by the speed and ease of the payment process. Thanks to this solution, Fairmont saves around €25,000 per year.


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Our partnership with Foncia

Our partnership with Foncia

Payment options traditionally offered by Foncia and other property managers, such as cheques and conventional bank transfers, do not allow for optimal fund collection.

  • The direct debit method generally favoured by collectors is not always accepted by commonhold property owners and tenants, who want to control when they pay. It also requires setting up a preauthorised payment plan, which may lead to the risk of refusal.
  • Payment by cheque requires manual handling, which lengthens the settlement period.
  • Conventional bank transfers can involve payer identification and payment processing problems.

That’s why Foncia chose Edenred Corporate Payment’s individual IBAN solution as a new payment method for collecting fees and rental income from its 1.4 million commonhold property owner and tenant customers.

The new payment method makes it easier to collect fees and rental income as part of commonhold and rental property management operations, by enabling automatic reconciliation between issuing and destination accounts

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