Fund collection via IBAN

Optimise fund collection by choosing the identified wire transfer solution


  • Collect funds from customers who currently pay by cheque, interbank payment order or conventional wire transfer
  • Save the time spent on identifying and processing incoming funds
  • Optimise the recording of payments received for your accounting teams

How it works

Collected funds are automatically transferred to you with the payer’s identity, no matter which bank you use

Edenred provides you with the number of individual IBANs corresponding to the number of payers

Allocate an IBAN to each payer

Send the new payment instructions to your payers

Edenred provides you with the number of individual IBANs corresponding to the number of payers

Key benefits


of your funds collection process


by eliminating the risk of incorrect data input during reconciliation


of funds collection with your accounting and operating systems

Our partnership with Foncia

Payment options traditionally offered by Foncia and other property managers, such as cheques and conventional bank transfers, do not allow for optimal fund collection.

  • The direct debit method generally favoured by collectors is not always accepted by commonhold property owners and tenants, who want to control when they pay. It also requires setting up a preauthorised payment plan, which may lead to the risk of refusal.
  • Payment by cheque requires manual handling, which lengthens the settlement period.
  • Conventional bank transfers can involve payer identification and payment processing problems.

That’s why Foncia chose Edenred Corporate Payment’s individual IBAN solution as a new payment method for collecting fees and rental income from its 1.4 million commonhold property owner and tenant customers.

The new payment method makes it easier to collect fees and rental income as part of commonhold and rental property management operations, by enabling automatic reconciliation between issuing and destination accounts.

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