Well-being at work & benefits

At Edenred, we want our clients and our people to enjoy both high performance and well-being. That is why we committed to a Best Place to Work initiative, which makes workplace health, safety and well-being a key priority.

Over the years and throughout the world, several measures have been taken to optimize organization, compensation, benefits, autonomy, trust between teams and management transparency and to increase pride in being part of the company.


Promoting a healthy work-life balance

Edenred works to ensure employees enjoy a positive work-life balance in accordance with local policies and regulations. Examples of initiatives across Edenred’s 45 host countries include remote working assistance, concierge services, fitness classes and childcare support.

Promoting workplace health and safety

At Edenred, we believe that a safe, healthy workplace is key to allowing teams to perform effectively. Group subsidiaries adapt this principle to meet local needs and focus their initiatives on three key areas: preventing occupational risks, preventing psychosocial risks and providing healthcare coverage.

Benefiting from the excellence of Edenred services

Employees are our main ambassadors and often the first to enjoy the benefits and solutions offered in their country of employment. These benefits make life easier for employees and incentivize and reward their performance, as well as facilitate their travel when taking full advantage of Edenred’s Mobility Solutions.

Rewarding outstanding performance

Each year, Ewards single out employees whose outstanding work has made a significant impact on Group performance at the local or international level. In 2023, 14 employees thus received Ewards and five teams received Value Awards for outstanding embodiment of Edenred's 5 values.