Talent management

Being an employer of choice means providing an environment that promotes human rights and diversity. It also means giving everyone what they need to fully realize their potential, develop professionally or explore new career opportunities.

A performance evaluation process takes place every year between each employee and their line manager. It is designed to assess the level of achievement of the previous year’s targets and set new targets for the coming year. The annual assessment interview is an ideal opportunity to discuss skills development, mobility objectives and training needs.

The Group has a unique policy for performance objectives that involves setting five individual targets each year: four professional targets depending on the employee position and projects and one “behavioral” target linked for example to his attitude, a management skill or the company’s values.

Talent reviews are organized around the world, individual development plans are implemented locally, and at Group level, the following two programs develop high-potential employees around the world:

  • The Talent Week, which is aimed at employees with between five and ten years of experience, and recognized commitment and potential;
  • The Edenred Executive Academy, which helps employees with more than ten years of experience to prepare for future professional opportunities within the Group.